Weekends & Everything in Between

  • Tom Quigley's Weekends & Everything in Between Exhibition

    Weekends & everything in between is an upcoming exhibition presenting another look into Tom Quigley's on-going body of work documenting the Nottingham skate scene on film. A follow-up to past shows The Future History (2014) and Expired Colours (2015), the images on show this time around cover four more years of lurking and missioning around the East Midlands. 

    I use digital a lot, but shoot film just as much. One of the main differences between the two is that I always try to keep my film stuff unseen, and love showing it for the first time with real prints on walls instead of just on the internet. While colour work also features in this show, it's the black & white imagery that has had the most attention - I hand-printed those images in the darkroom at our local Notts film hub, The Photo Parlour. As well as lots of 35mm, this show will present my first foray into medium format photography, made possible with a Hasselblad 500C/M which I've been shooting with from 2016 onwards. I'm pretty stoked with what I've gotten using that camera, it's challenged me to approach things slightly differently with the square format composition, and I think it's only helped my want to capture the wider scene and a lot of the surrounding architecture at a spot. At the same time, it's been interesting trying to shoot as loose and off the cuff as I normally do with my 35mm camera, to capture those subtle moments of my mates in between the skateboarding. And you can't argue with the depth of field from the Hasselblad's lovely Carl Zeiss lens!

    A big part of the last four years was the resurgence of DIY in our city's scene, with two well-loved spots still standing back when I was shooting all this work. Sadly, they're both now gone- one demolished, one buried. It makes a lot of these shots I've been keeping so much more meaningful, and I'm hoping it'll be a heavy dose of nostalgia for everyone seeing them for the first time.

    The show opens at Nottingham's Surface Gallery (a stone's throw away from Sneinton Market), on Friday 1st March, 6-8pm. It then stays up for a week until Saturday 9th March, during the gallery's normal opening hours. I'll be stoked if people can make it down for the opening and join the Notts sesh!