War of the Thistles 2018

  • War of the Thistles 2018

    A Half Cut Review

    Words: Chris Baillie (@captainpinger)

    Photography: Day 1 - Stuart Taylor (@pirate_photography), Day 2 - Kieran Connor (@_kieranconnor)

    Day 1 - Aberdeen - TX Skatepark

    For Stuart Taylor's full Day 1 gallery click here!

    Colin Adam Madonnas while Chris Baillie Smiths in the bowl jam. Photos: Stuart Taylor

    It was that time of year again, Skateboard Scotlands' War of The Thistles. The event had been postponed due to "The Beast from the East" giving people an extra month to organise themselves for the weekend of carnage. The turn out was great and the levels were high!

    The English were out on force with the likes of Sam Mason, Eddie Belvedere and Jordan Sharkey all absolutely destroying the place. Felix showed up and was an absolute pleasure to watch carving it up, he told me he was 54 this year and still shredding, so good to see!

    Saul Crumlish Frontside Airs the Aberdeen hip. Photo: Stuart Taylor.

    Aaron Wilmot aired over Saul sporting a nice denim shirt and Lewis Allan (caravan warrior) was blasting. The over-vert cradle got a good seeing to, Freddie Lusk got a nose-pick, yours truly did a front disaster along side Josh Brown who did a low to high nose-pick in amongst massive airs.

    Alex Hallford Frontside Ollies. Photo: Stuart Taylor.

    When Sharkey wasn't doing 360 flips to front board down the rail he was 360 flipping into nose stall on transition, he really is an ATV! Saul Crumlish was doing tricks beyond his years, proper handplants with style and smith grind to tailslide in the big bowl had everybody going nuts.

    In the end Alex Hallford took home the sword with a back smith, back tail AND a backside air on the cradle. After that he made the deep end of the bowl only look about 4ft high, well deserved!

    I collided with Charlie and sent him a front flip, earning him best slam without a doubt, hope you're ok boss!

    Watch the Cameron Stuart's (@action.cam) Day 1 edit below!

    Day 2 - Dumbarton - Unit 23

    Despite hangovers and being sore nobody seemed to be slowing down on Day 2, another great turn out with bodies being thrown all over the place!

    John Connolly did a perfect 360 flip over the rail to flat whilst Jordan Sharkey did several tricks over the gap to kicker with ease. Colin Adam (who also killed it on the first day) planted his hand to fakie on the vert wall in the bowl, absolutely ridiculous. Alex Hallford did an enormous transfer in the big bowl (which you have probably seen on Instagram already). I somehow got away with a cab over the spine which was more like a 270... a makes a make right? Saul Crumlish wrecked the place with a big smile on his face, I would be smiling too if I could skate like him.

    Alex Hallford transfers while Freddie Lusk Smiths. Photos: Kieran Connor.

    Jordan Sharkey took the 2nd half of the sword with blunt flips out, noseblunt reverts and all round ATV madness! Mark Burrows' MC skills were on point and had us all entertained throughout the chaos.

    A girls jam went down which was great to see, well done to all of them they all skated amazing and had fun in the process. Marieme was on point and was given 2nd place for her stunts. Shred Skatepark local Nikki Tang took 1st, so proud! She absolutely killed it with a boardslide on the rail and a 180 down the stairs, very well deserved. a 180 down the stairs, very well deserved.

    Big ups to the 16 and under rippers on both days, you lot are the future and I'm glad it's in good hands. Thank you for the good times and I will see you all next year!

    Day 2 winner Jordan Sharkey Melon, Burrows MCing. Photos: Kieran Connor.

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