Vans Park Series 2019 Pro Tour Season

  • Cory Juneau & Kokona Hiraki Win VPS Paris/Chelles Qualifier

    Next Stop: 2019 VPS World Championships in Salt Lake City
    - Top 5 VPS Challenger Rankings Secure Field Ahead of VPS World Championships
    - French Skater Vincent Matheron Earns 2nd Place
    Cory Juneau (USA), 1st Place, Men’s
    Paris/Chelles, FRANCE (August 10, 2019) – The world’s best park terrain skaters converged for the penultimate stop of the 2019 Vans Park Series Pro Tour at the brand-new Vans-Cosanostra permanent legacy skatepark in Paris-Chelles, skating their hearts out before ranting and raving crowds. The exciting finale to the week’s competition saw USA’s Cory Juneau and Japan’s Kokona Hiraki declared as the Paris-Chelles winners, in addition to the crowning of two new VPS Europa Regional champions,Allesandro Massara (ITA) and Daniela Terol Mendez (ESP) earlier this week. The final stop on tour will be the 2019 VPS World Championships, to be hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 7, where the highest-ranking competitors and invited Select Pros will meet for one last time to crown two new champions in park terrain skateboarding.
    Right out of the gate, the ever-stylish Cory Juneau (USA) made his mark, leading the semi rounds, and securing his victory lap with maneuvers such as an insanely long frontside boardslide and floating a frontside kickflip. Celebrating his first event victory to date, Juneau has been competing for the series since 2016, rising from challenger rankings to earn his status as a VPS Select Pro. Joining him on the podium for a huge hometown victory, France’s Vincent Matheron (FRA) secured a worthy 2nd place, cheered on by his passionate fans and community as he put down fast, trick-heavy runs all weekend. Select Pro Roman Pabich, returns to the podium in 3rd, consistently landing the smoothest runs of the finals.
    French Skater Vincent Matheron, 2nd place
    In the women’s division, 10-year-old Kokona Hiraki (JPN) displayed an incredible performance all weekend, leading the semi rounds, and claiming her first-ever global qualifier event win. Hiraki, a former VPS Asia regional champion, is a perfect example of the Park Series’ path to pro mission, earning her way to the World Championships for a second time. Hiraki is joined on the podium by fellow Select Pro Lizzie Armanto (FIN), 2nd, and Mami Tezuka (JPN) in 3rd.
    The Paris-Chelles stop was pivotal in determining the final field of competitors for the 2019 Vans Park Series World Championships, hosted in Salt Lake City on September 7. The top five challengers who have earned the highest rankings since the start of the tour will join the VPS Select Pros and regional series champions in Utah for the final competition. Notably, French skater Vincent Matheron’s 2nd place score today secured his seed into the World Championships field. He’s joined by fellow French native Shani Bru, who also made the top five cut this week. 
    Kokona Hiraki (JPN), 1st Place, Women’s
    Hosted for the first time in France, the 2019 VPS Pro Tour has brought world-renowned names in park terrain skateboarding to Paris-Chelles, including Pedro Barros, Tom Schaar, Lizzie Armanto, Yndiara Asp, Alex Sorgente, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg,Curren Caples, Roman Pabich, Poppy Starr Olsen and many more. 
    The Vans-Cosanostra Skatepark is one of three new permanent Legacy Skateparks that Vans Park Series has donated along the VPS Pro Tour this season. Following the event, the skatepark will be gifted to the community, offering a free, world-class skate facility for the public to enjoy.
    The full replay of the Paris/Chelles stop will be available on
    2019 Europa Regional Champions
    Allesandro Massara (ITA)
    Daniela Torel Mendez (ESP)
    2019 VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Paris/Chelles
    1. Cory Juneau (USA)
    2. Vincent Matheron (FRA)
    3. Roman Pabich (USA)
    2019 Women’s Pro Tour, Paris/Chelles
    1. Kokona Hiraki (JPN)
    2. Lizzie Armanto (FIN)
    3. Mami Tezuka (USA)
    2019 VPS Men’s Tour Challenger Rankings
    Top 5 Season-End Rankings Advance to World Championships
    1. Luiz Francisco (BRA)
    2. Tristan Rennie (USA)
    3. Vincent Matheron (FRA)
    4. Karl Berglind (SWE)
    5. Keegan Palmer (AUS)
    2019 VPS Women’s Tour Challenger Rankings
    Top 5 Season-End Rankings Advance to World Championships
    1. Mami Tezuka (JPN)
    2. Kihana Ogawa (JPN)
    3. Autumn Tust (USA)
    4. Grace Marhoefer (USA)
    5. Shani Bru (FRA)
  • Paris/Chelles, France to Host Vans Park Series Pro Tour Final Qualifiers

    - Top-ranking Park Series Contenders Meet One Last Time Before World Championships in September; Tour Challengers Seize Opportunity to Best Rankings 

    - VPS Select Pro Tom Schaar Returns to Series After Overcoming Injury

    - VPS Europa Regionals Event to Showcase Local Talent as they Battle for Chance to Join Championship Field


    Saturday, August 10

    Paris-Chelles – 12 p.m.

    São Paulo – 11 a.m.

    Los Angeles – 3 a.m.

    New York – 6 a.m.

    London – 11 a.m.

    Shanghai – 6 p.m.

    Sydney – 8 p.m. 

    Paris/Chelles, FRANCE (August 6, 2019) – Stakes are raised this week as skaters advance to the fourth and final qualifying stop of the 2019 Vans Park Series Pro Tour in Paris/Chelles, France August 9-10. The penultimate competition remains a pivotal stop for VPS tour challengers and regional talent, as the final field will be determined for the VPS World Championships, to be held in Salt Lake City, September 6-7.

    The brand-new, custom park terrain spec Vans Cosanostra Skatepark de Chelles welcomes the world’s top talent as Vans Park Series heads to France for the first time in VPS Tour history. The crème de la crème of park terrain skaters in Europe and aboad are expected to skate this week, as Vans hosts both the VPS Europa regionals and the last global tour qualifier event back to back. 

    Brazilians Pedro Barros and Yndiara Asp are leading the pack with two event wins under their belt, and aiming to continue their winning streaks into Salt Lake, while VPS Select Pro Tom Schaar makes his triumphant return to competition after battling an injury building up even more excitement in the competitive race. French skaters Shani Bru and Vincent Matheron will be big national names to watch as they vie to earn one of the top five Tour Challenger spots in the World Championships.


    French Skater Shani Bru, 2019 VPS Montreal Event 

    Kicking off the week’s competition, the Vans Park Series Europa Regionals event will take place on Thursday, inviting local talent to register and compete for their chance to join the Championships field. Winners of the Europa Regional event will advance directly to the final stop in Salt Lake City, promising a diverse medley of international style in the grand finale, and harvesting new talent for next year’s circuit.

    Expect to see tour favorites and exciting event wildcards such as CJ Collins, Chris Russell, Ronnie Sandoval, Lizzie Armanto and more to be confirmed! Tune in Saturday, August 10 on, and follow @vansparkseries on Instagram for live updates.


    VPS France Schedule 

    Thursday, August 8

    VPS Europa Regionals - Women’s

    Open for Registration

    VPS Europa Regionals – Men’s

    Open for Registration


    Friday, August 9

    Women’s Pre-lims and Semi-Finals

    Men’s Pre-lims and Semi-Finals


    Saturday, August 10

    Women’s Finals

    Men’s Finals

    Thrasher Best Trick


    Vans Park Series – Competitor Field

    (Latest Confirmations as of today)



    Select Pros

    CJ Collins (USA)

     Cory Juneau (USA)

    Pedro Barros (BRA)

    Roman Pabich (USA)

    Tom Schaar (USA)


    Tour Challengers

    Cedric Pabich (USA)

    Josh Borden (USA)

    Karl Berglind (SWE)

    Robin Bolian (FRA)

    Tour Wildcards

    Chris Russell (USA)

    Curren Caples (USA)

    Ronnie Sandoval (USA)


    Paris - Event Wildcards

    Hugo Westrelin (FRA)

    Jordan Thackeray (ENG)

    Martino Cattaneo (CHN)

    Raney Beres (USA)



    Select Pros

    Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS)

    Yndiara Asp (BRA)


    Tour Challengers

    Shani Bru (FRA)

    Mami Tezuka (JPN)


    Tour Wildcards

    Lizzie Armanto (FIN)

  • Vans Park Series Sao Paulo 2019 Riders Announcement

    Vans Park Series Top Contenders Arrive in São Paulo, Brazil
    Competition Heats Up This Weekend at the Built-to-Spec Vans Skatepark June 22-23
    See confirmed riders list below!
    Sunday, June 23
    São Paulo – 11 a.m.
    Los Angeles – 7 a.m.
    New York – 10 a.m.
    London – 3 p.m.
    Sydney – 12 p.m.
    VPS 2019 Tour Wildcard, Chris Russell in the Brazil Finals last year
    São Paulo, BRAZIL (June 20, 2019) – Geared up and ready to go for the second stop of the Vans Park Series 2019 Pro Tour in São Paulo, Brazil, the long list of impressive park terrain skaters are set to compete in one of the greatest skate meccas in the world this weekend. Every VPS stop has a unique history, but Brazil has one of the oldest and most passionate skate scenes to date. In lieu of the looming action-packed weekend, Vans legend Jeff Grosso and the Love Letters crew recently headed down to Brazil to showcase just how much epic skate history they could uncover in just 8 days.
    With new names appearing on tour since the last stop in Shanghai, this event will be a must-watch for top contenders like Brazilian superstars Pedro Barros and Yndiara Asp, leading tour pros such as Roman Pabich and Patrick Ryan, and the return of past tour favorites Ronnie Sandoval and Chris Russell. Adding to the drama, a voracious field of local Brazilian talent have shown their teeth, eager to get onto the tour circuit and fight their way to the top. See the confirmed field of competitors for the Brazil stop, including new challengers, event wildcards and local names below, and tune in to witness the best park terrain rippers from around the globe on Sunday, June 23 on
    For São Paulo spectators, the Brazil stop offers to the local audience a Village full of free activities, DJs, skate clinics, photo galleries and live concerts at the end of each day. See the full schedule down below. 
    VPS Brazil Schedule
    Saturday, June 22
    Women’s Pre-lims and Semi-Finals
    Men’s Pre-lims and Semi-Finals
    Sunday, June 23
    Women’s Finals
    Men’s Finals
    Best Trick
    Vans Park Series – Competitor Field
    Event Wildcards
    Felipe Caltabiano (BRA)
    Gilberto Prestes (BRA)
    Miguel Oliveira (BRA)
    Pedro Carvalho (BRA)
    Pedro Quintas (BRA)
    Men’s Select Pros
    Alex Sorgente (USA)
    Patrick Ryan (USA)
    Pedro Barros (BRA)
    Roman Pabich (USA)
    Men’s Tour Challengers
    Cedric Pabich (USA)
    Clay Kreiner (USA)
    Heimana Reynolds (USA)
    Jake Wooten (USA)
    Josh Borden (USA)
    Murilo Peres (BRA)
    Karl Berglind (SWE)
    Kevin Kowalski (USA)
    Luiz Francisco (BRA)
    Robin Bolian (FRA)
    Tristan Rennie (USA)
    Vincent Matheron (FRA)
    Vinicius Kakinho (BRA)
    Tour Wildcards
    Chris Russell (USA)
    Ronnie Sandoval (USA)
    Women’s Select Pros
    Brighton Zeuner (USA)
    Jordyn Barratt (USA)
    Kokona Hiraki (JPN)
    Sakura Yosozumi (BRA)
    Yndiara Asp (BRA)
    Women’s Open Challengers
    Amelia Brodka (POL)
    Ana Theodoro (BRA)
    Ana Toro (COL)
    Autumn Tust (USA)
    Bia Sodre (BRA)
    Camila Borges (BRA)
    Dora Varella (BRA)
    Emily Antunes (BRA)
    Isadora Pachecho (BRA)
    Kihana Ogawa (JPN)
    Leticia Gonsalves (BRA)
    Margaret Ugalde (CRC)
    Pietra Dona (BRA)
    Victoria Bassi (BRA)
  • Vans Park Series 2019 Pro Tour Season

    Vans Park Series Announces 2019 Pro Tour Season
    World’s Premier Park Terrain Skateboarding Competition to Crown 
    2019 Men’s and Women’s World Champions in Salt Lake City, Utah
    Pedro Barros in Malmö, Sweden, 2018
    Photo Credit: Anthony Acosta
    Vans Park Series, the premier park terrain skateboarding tour in the world, today announced the 2019 Pro Tour schedule. Anticipating another historic season in competitive skateboarding culminating into the World Championships, the Vans Park Series (VPS) will touch down in five major countries this year, expanding its programming to equally represent four global Pro Tour qualifiers for men and women, and sustaining its commitment to endorsing prize parity for both divisions.
    “Our mission to inspire youth and grow skateboarding participation around the world by promoting skateboarding’s unique and creative culture remains our number one goal,” said Bobby Gascon, global director of action sports, Vans. “With Vans Park Series now in its fourth consecutive year, we are dedicated to growing the foundation for park terrain skateboarding competition and cultivating an elite class of professional athletes who are deserving of international recognition.”
    In 2019 the VPS Pro Tour schedule includes two new hosts during the qualifiers, Paris-Chelles, France and Montreal, Canada. As for the World Championships, this will be held for the very first time on American soil in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 7. The prospective 2019 men’s and women’s park terrain skateboarding world champions will be crowned before a roaring live audience at Utah State Fairpark. With a premium live webcast produced at every stop, the Vans Park Series will bring an exhilarating competitive skateboarding showcase for local spectators and fans abroad.
    Further cementing the series’ mission to grow skateboarding participation worldwide, Vans Park Series plans to support the ongoing development of skate communities through the construction and donation of three state-of-the-art, VPS-certified park terrain skate facilities at select 2019 VPS Pro Tour locations. More details are to be announced on
    Pro Tour
    Shanghai, China
    May 18, 2019
    São Paulo, Brazil
    June 22, 2019
    Montreal, Canada
    July 13, 2019
    Paris-Chelles, France
    August 10, 2019
    World Championships
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    September 7, 2019
    Known for its unrivaled combination of speed, style, flow, amplitude and creativity, park terrain is the fastest growing discipline in competitive skateboarding today. The Vans Park Series has made historic progress in the evolution of professional skateboarding and champions its reputation as the first premier league for the park terrain skateboarding discipline. From crowning new Park Terrain World Champions every year since 2016, to building the first-ever VPS-certified park terrain skatepark in the world, Vans Park Series sustains its commitment to growing the participation of skateboarding worldwide, and will continue to promote skateboarding’s creative culture for future generations. Visit to learn more.
    The 2019 Vans Park Series Pro Tour is the premier competitive platform for professional park terrain skateboarding. Spanning five countries over a five-month season, the series features four global qualifiers for men and women, and culminates with the official Vans Park Series World Championships to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in September. Showcasing an international roster of skateboarding’s elite pros, Vans Park Series awards a total series purse in excess of $700,000(USD) and advocates its principal commitment to prize parity for men and women.
    Established in 2016, Vans Park Series’ mission is to inspire youth and grow skateboarding participation worldwide by defining a global foundation for park terrain competition that promotes the creative culture of skateboarding. Vans Park Series uniquely defines the park terrain format with its exclusive points system, judging guidelines and qualifying park terrain course criteria. Additional information and live webcast details will be available on the official Vans Park Series iOS app and online.
    Follow the Vans Park Series on social media or sign up online now for the latest information on Vans Park Series events.
    @vansparkseries on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter