Tyne Tees Slam Jam 2015

  • Tyne Tees Slam Jam 2015

    Held at 4Motion Skatepark in Darlington and organised by Dave Apomah, the event is (by default) the biggest in the North East and this year people travelled from Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesborough, Hull, Sunderland, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and no doubt more to attend.

    Having covered the whole event last year, I decided to this year focus on only the transition side of the event. The street happenings appeared to be getting attention from video camera wielders so hopefully that will be adequately covered by them!

    Thanks to the generous sponsors of the event - Native Skatestore, Legacy Skatestore and Popcorn Skate, almost everyone, particularly the kids, managed to go home with something, which will build the popularity of the event far more than only the top skaters winning prizes!

    I began shooting as the session over the doorway heated up. Joe professed to be "not feeling it," yet proceeded to Frontside 5050 and Lipslide over the door multiple times in spite of this ailment.

    Joe Howard, Frontside Lipslide

    Joint winner (in my mind) of last year's doorway comp Blinky had these Frontside Airs every try in a line, before backside airing going the other way.

    Blinky, Frontside Air

    He decided to Judo on the way back from the Frontside Air a couple of times.

    Blinky, Judo

    Dave Morgan graciously did this Boardslide a couple of times for me, thankfully it was easy for him...

    Dave Morgan, Backside Boardslide

    This Frontside Rock and Roll was a bit more of a struggle for him, taking him a good few tries, while he also tried alley-oop frontside ollie-ing occasionally.

    Dave Morgan, Frontside Rock and Roll

    Ben Grove sessioned the whole park throughout the day, here he Alley Oop Backside Ollies over the door.

    Ben Grove, Alley Oop Backside Ollie

    Dean Boyle stated during the jam that he felt he couldn't do any of the tricks he did over the door last year, but was still ripping, especially on the miniramp/spine! Here he Frontside Airs after a (brief) struggle.

    Dean Boyle, Frontside Air

    Shortly after the doorway jam, people began to session the miniramp. 

    Blinky, Fakie Noseblunt

    I asked Cal Eleanor to shoot this New Deal after watching him do a perfect one - fully committed to riding it back in!

    Cal Eleanor, New Deal

    Dave Morgan, Alley Oop 5-0

    Blinky, Nosegrab to Fakie

    Harry Veitch, Backside Disaster

    Joe Howard, Mayday

    Cal was doing these Bonelesses all day, but in classic style, struggled to do them once the camera came out. He managed to stick one eventually to the biggest cheers of the day!

    Cal Eleanor, Boneless One