Gallery: Trentside

  • Trentside Edit

    Here is a comprehensive edit from Durham man Dan O'Neill from Trentside.

  • Gallery: Trentside by Dave Bevan and Tom Quigley

    Here's a gallery about Nottingham's Trentside DIY project, with photos from Dave Bevan and Tom Quigley.

    Visit their respective sites here;

    Dave Bevan -

    Tom Quigley -

    Notts DIY/Trentside has been skated for a few years, but only existed in this form since June. It all kicked off this summer when a few of us started building, and it's just brought the whole Notts scene together and everyone's been chipping in. It's our home away from home! 

    We've had dudes coming here to skate from all over the East Midlands, as well as Sheffield etc as well!
    - Tom Quigley

    Photos by Dave Bevan

    Photos by Tom Quigley

    Elliot Maynard, Crooked Grind

    Owen Byrne, 360 Early Grab

    Paulie Todino, Backside 5-0

    Fred Simmons, Bigspin Heelflip

    Alex Hallford, 360 Nosegrab

    Nick Warman, Backside Feeble

    Rob Nelson, Kickflip Backside Disaster

    Ian Rees, Backside Lipslide