Top 5: Martyn Hill

  • Top 5: Martyn Hill

    Here's the first of a new feature on the site, Top 5's, starting with Martyn Hill's top 5 video parts!

     Think Dedication - Wade Speyer

    Always gets me stoked to skate a decent ramp when I watch this section, especially the hurricane he does! Probably the best one that's ever been done. First person I'd ever seen do a frontside disaster the way he does too.

     The House Vid

    This makes me want to go on a trip with all the boys every time I watch it, such a good hype video before a skate! Full of funny shit, great slams, rad parks, beer-fuelled dickheads and bangin' skating. Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci is also a big RWTB classic!

     Real Non Fiction - Max Schaaf

    Got to have a Max Schaaf section in here. Ollieing out of lip tricks doesn't make sense, especially on vert, and he makes it look like nothing! The whole section is on the widowmaker ramp with the big Gonz painting too, so sick. There's not a front blunt in this section but he does them best!

     Free your mind -  Jim's Ramp

     'HEY BUDDY, NEED A LIFT?!' Used to rinse this section on the regz, there's so many good things about it! All the stuff at Jim's ramp is sick and I've always wanted to skate that! He's the best coping dancer out there and he's got some street moves too. The wallie stuff he does on the hubba goes so well with the music! Bit of TNT in there as well. Lovely stuff.

     Crusty by Nature - Wes Kremer

    It was tough to choose one Wes section in particular, but this one was a banger! Everything he does looks fun and his trick selection is the best; he gets a bunch of wall-based stunts in there which is always a good thing. Could watch that wallie late shuv on repeat all day. When I watch this section I usually end up going on a big Wes footage binge on YouTube too! Big love for Sk8mafia.

    Here's Martyn with a Seatbelt Rock and Roll at a recent trip to Boom Skatepark!