Review: The Stale Zine Issue 1

  • Review: The Stale Zine Issue 1

    I decided to pick up a copy of Sam Barnard's The Stale Zine after seeing the cover on Instagram, it just looked cool, and ironically is firmly in the traditional zine format, the antithesis of Instagram really. 

    After an introduction with a needless apology for the zine's quality (it's rad), and a photo of Sam ripping the deep end of a cool looking bowl, we get to an editorial piece on the effect of skateboarding being included in the Olympics.

    Next up is an interview with Noam of Have Fun, a crew / company out of Colorado discussing the local scene, running a small company, music tastes and skate comps, alongside a couple of photos of Noam himself, I particularly like the one shown below! Such an awkward trick.

    Finally we have a couple of pages filled with punk band recommendations!

    Overall, The Stale Zine is a rad little zine, and a great first issue, for me the strongest parts being the design elements at work, and the punk reviews. Looking forward to the next one!