The Moon Jam 2017

  • The Moon Jam 2017

    Blinky kicks things off with one of his signature Backside Ollies... | Photo: Jonny Long.

    Last Sunday (25th June) marked the second fundraiser jam we've held at The Moon in recent years, but this time not just in aid of the spot itself but also for the skateboarding charity SkatePAL, who I'll be travelling out to volunteer with for a while at the end of the summer.  

    I'm sure most UK skateboarders are aware of SkatePAL by now as they've been active for a few years but if not here's a quick brief. They're a British charity based within a small village in the West Bank of Palestine. They help and support the lives of young people there through the active promotion of skateboarding at the park they built back in 2015. Ever since they've needed regular help from skateboarders worldwide to volunteer, helping to teach skateboarding and maintain the park.

    The skate jam itself really went off with crews travelling from all over the North East, Leeds and York with a handful from even further afield. Luckily the skate gods were shining upon us and graced us with a scorcher of day, with myself coming away a lovely shade of red at the end of it.

    The week running up to the event was a bit hectic as we still had the spine and up ledge to finish off alongside a few repair jobs that were well needed but thanks to the hard work of all the regular goons we just say managed it - even staying ‘til 2am a couple nights before to finish the spine.  

    The format was several jam sessions on individual obstacles as the spot is too large for an overall jam, as it's impossible to keep track of what's going down. The jams included the fun box, L block, up ledge, doorway QP and floor gap with the day finishing off on the newly built spine (which I actually got to skate myself). We also had a gazebo set up with a BBQ and bar to keep everyone fed and watered.  

    Everyone killed it with far too many tricks to list but notable mentions would go to Frank Helder, Blinky, Wappo, Dan Main and Connor Stokes. A full edit should be out soon thanks to my man Mush who was filming and we had the two Johnny's (Haynes + Long) shooting the photos you'll see alongside this article.  

    Really, really rad day all round so I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who came and donated, especially those that also helped out on the day. To all the ladies manning the BBQ/bar, Dave Apomah and Gordon Skrezka judging, all the sponsors (Native/Shiner/Out of Step/Red Bull) but mostly to all the crew who've been manically building to get shit ready in time. At the end we managed to raise over £200 for the spot and the charity. 

    Here's to the next one!
    Much love - Ben x

    Mani Haddon, Backside Crailslide. | Photo: Jonny Haynes.

    Connor Stokes, Backside Tailslide. | Photo: Johnny Haynes.

    Connor Stokes, Backside Smith. | Photo: Johnny Haynes.

    Frank Spacey Helder, Bennett Grind. | Photo: Johnny Haynes.

    Frank Spacey Helder, Front Blunt. | Photo: Johnny Haynes.

    Joshua Ormston, Kickflip. | Photo: Johnny Haynes.

    Blinky, Lien. | Photo: Fraser Clarke.

    Blinky, Fingerflip. | Photo: Fraser Clarke

    Paul Watson, Bluntslide. | Photo: Fraser Clarke

    Alan Callaghan, Blunt 360 Flip. | Photo: Fraser Clarke.