Review: The Works New Section

  • A session on the new section at The Works, Leeds with Bruce and Duncan

    The new section at The Works has been in for a couple of months now. The section is based around a large jump box in the centre, surrounded by various sized quarters and hips around it.

    Bruce Frontside Airs over the hip and into the corner.

    The section seems to be alot more engaging If you can air over the box or air/grind over the hips, as shown here by Bruce and Duncan who haven't left this section to skate the rest of the park every time I've seen them there. However if you can't do these things, you tend to be somewhat limited as to what you can do in the section. I personally either go back and forth between the vert wall and extension on the right, or carve around aimlessly until my legs give way... 

    One of Bruce's lines that I would particularly like to do is frontside kickturn on the vert wall, air over the hip into the corner (as above) then come out of the small quarter at the back to frontside wallride pull in. Looks pretty fun...

    Duncan Frontside Ollies out of the extension

    Another fun looking line to do if you are able would be Duncan's. Get to the top of the vert wall, air the box, grab or no grab, then do a smooth trick on the extension, usually frontside. 

    Overall, I would say the section can be fun for all abilities, but to get the most out of it you need to be able to use the hips and jump box! Below are a couple of other photos from the ten minutes or so I was shooting -

    Bruce Crailslides across the extension on demand

    Duncan Frontside Airs while I was walking past

    Bruce Indy Airs to finish.