Team Trouble 2018 Part 2

  • Team Trouble 2018 Part 2 Article and Finals edit

    Alan Maag and Thibault La Nours’ photo gallery from the event can be viewed by clicking the Lovenskate team below.

    The Team Trouble 2018 in LAAX is a wrap. Lovenskate (Aaron Wilmot, Ewen Bower, Jordan Thackeray and Alex Hallford) won the whole thing. Second took Team Pocketfluff (Sox, Ben Broyd, Craig Questions Scott and Jonothan Sjoberg who jumped in for an injured Sam Beckett). Third got Savate (Chloé Bernard, Vins Coupeau, Gatean Ducellier and George Poole) and 4th the local crew Schetg Gru (Silvano Deflorin, Lorenzo Corona, Tobias Ott and the mind behind the whole event: Cedric Romanens). We also had a bunch of Dutch lads with us including Jarne Verbruggen and an incredible Jeroen Bruggemann  who won our little Mr. Handplant Award. Jordan Thackeray was the obvious Skater of the weekend and Ben Broyd managed to hang in for the Looongest Handplant Award during the VANS Best Trick Session.

    Here’s the finals edit, filmed and edited by Sean Nguyen and Jackson Davis, with music from Skeleton Coast.

    Jeroen Bruggeman, Invert.

    Vincent Coupeau, Fastplant.

    If one of you wants more info I'd suggest you reach out to me with some specific questions and I'll try my best to give an interesting insight. To get a broader overview you can also revisit the Webcasts with David Luther and guests: Finals Vans Best Trick Session:

    Other than that there's not much more to say then thank you.

    And maybe..... Yes, this won't be obvious when you flip through those pictures.... There was this moment when Sox lost his wheel during the run and he just kept skating, finishing off by pulling this Frontside Air over Broyd. I guess that was the moment where the skaters on the deck roared loader than the crowd. Absolute ONETEN on that one.

    Sox, three-wheel frontside air...