Sunday Service | Alex Ramsell

  • Sunday Service | Alex Ramsell

    Sunday Service is a skate zine dedicated to a trip to Stuttgart with the Wolftown Skateboards crew, made by Alex Ramsell. 

    32 Pages,
    Paper: 150gsm Silk,
    Cover: 250gsm Silk Matt Laminated, 
    Full Colour.

    Alex shoots entirely on film (35mm) and this is reflected throughout the zine. Whether intentional or not, Alex makes this explicit through using a half-exposed frame at the very start of the zine. The colour tones within the zine also hint at this, some sections of the zine are cool, others warm. 

    Most spreads in the zine are laid out simply, with a portrait frame per page. The most notable exceptions to this are the first and last spreads, where Alex includes a short introduction and overlays photos over scanned train tickets respectively. This simplicity allows you to focus on the content of the photos over everything else.

    The photos themselves focus on the quieter moments of the trip. Ranging from meeting with the locals, hillbombs, local kids, and waiting for trains, this gives the feeling of being with that crew and reminds me of plenty of moments from past skate trips!

    Having said that, there are also some great skate photos found in the zine, with plenty of  ripping around great looking street spots, as well as Henry Fox and Flip Lange having a couple of cool tranny ones in there. My personal favourite spread sees Henry skating an amazing looking cube structure two different ways.

    Buy a copy of Sunday Service through the Wolftown store here.

    Alex sent over a couple of photos from the zine which you can view below (look at that frontside wallride spot!). Then have a watch of the edit Wolftown released from the trip!

    Henry Fox | Frontside Wallride | Stuttgart | Photo: Alex Ramsell.

    Henry Fox | Backside 180 Fakie Nosegrind | Stuttgart | Photo: Alex Ramsell.

    Raj Sami | Wallie | Stuttgart | Photo: Alex Ramsell.