8. Stenstrom and Oski in Polar's We Blew it at Some Point

  • Stenstrom and Oski Polar

    David Stenstrom and Oskar Rozenberg’s shared part in Polar’s We Blew it at Some Point harks back to the first Polar videos with two of its original riders. The two exist in a funny place within the video with their mix of transition / diy (using some of Stenstrom’s footage in black and white whilst also acknowledging Oski’s Stappel trick as the best in the video) and street skating as Polar looks to assert itself as a more traditional company with a more mainstream / Supreme inspired video and the inclusion of more street-based riders.

    In my mind, the part proper begins with a wallride jam session at the now-venerable TBS DIY spot in Malmo, before leading in to a few well-chosen tricks from David Stenstrom at home in Stockholm (Backside Boneless wall plant…). More DIY worship follows with appearances from Shin Sanbongi and Andrew Wilson before Stenstrom and Oski share some clips at an amazing looking street tranny spot, followed by that one trick of Oski's…

    Watch from 7:28.