Skegness to Newquay

  • Skegness to Newquay

    Ryan Hurt
    Photos: Andy Rayner

    Ryan Hurt Smiths the deep end at Saffron Walden.

    As the summer nights draw in after another long, busy season in the “Costa Del Skeg”, we decided to round up a few of the locals, fill a couple of cars and make the nine-hundred mile round trip to a somewhat more picturesque seaside location, Newquay. With the new Concrete Waves Park and plenty of other gold in the area, everyone was hyped to get away from home for a few days in the search of stoke down south.

    So 5pm rolls round on Sunday evening, the skatepark is closed till 4 o’clock Wednesday, we had 71 hours to get to Cornwall and back, fitting in as much skating as possible. An hours detour to Saffron Walden on the way, most of the boys had never been so it was a definite stop. There’s something about that place, no matter your ability, you’re going to have fun. We got a good few hours in before the lights went out and the darkness forced us to continue the rest of our journey south.

    Morgan gaps up to front lip at Mount Hawke.

    The decision was made to drive through the night all the way to Newquay and pitch up tents on Fistral Beach. With a few coffee breaks on the way, everything was going according to plan. Then, just outside Bridgwater on the M5, one of the cars had a blowout. With the tyre completely shredded we had to make the remainder of the drive (roughly 125 miles) on a space saver at 45mph. Eventually we made it, 7am Monday, we pitched up and got a few hours much needed shut eye to recharge.

     Waking up on the beach in Cornwall is truly a blessing, the perfect blue sea and sheer cliff faces are enough to get anybody juiced for the day. A hearty breakfast in a local café and it was straight to Concrete Waves. The weather was definitely on our side, beaming sun and a gentle breeze.

    Everyone was just starting to get used to the park, figuring out the lines. However I guess the skate gods were not on my side this day, half hour in and I washed out going over the loveseat. Half the boys jumped in a car with me and to the hospital we went. Fractured radial head and scaphoid. It took us a few hours before we got back to the session, but we did manage to get a new tyre and lie our way onto a campsite in the meantime. We stuck around at the park for a little while so the boys who were looking after me (thanks again) could get a session in before bed.

    Norton Cooke backside and frontside lipslides at Mount Hawke.

    After a full night’s sleep everyone was super keen for a good session, unfortunately the weather had other ideas for us. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for indoor skateparks on days like these. Mount Hawke, only a half hour drive, our safe haven for the day. This is by far one of the best built and designed skateparks any of us had ever been to, another amazing job by FourOneFour Skateparks. We stayed practically all day, the staff are super friendly and serve up real good food too. There’s something here for everyone, if you haven’t been, make sure to pay a visit.

    From there it was food and a good night’s sleep, ready for the long drive home. In hindsight this probably wasn’t the most productive skate trip, but that’s the beauty of skateboarding, it’s not all about the tricks. It’s about having fun with your friends, exploring caves on the Cornish coast, sleeping in damp tents, talking shit into the early hours and changing tyres at 3 in the morning on the hard shoulder. That’s Skateboarding and we love it!

    Until next year Newquay!