Record: Sheffield DIY

  • Record: Sheffield DIY

    The relatively long-lived Sheffield DIY spot was finally demolished this past week, so I thought it a good time to publish the photos from my only session there.

    The day began at Dev Green skatepark, where everybody decided to skate the rough DIY extension. Joe Howard Frontside Tailblocked.

    We then managed to follow Louie and Dave's car to the DIY spot. Here Joe is seen pushing towards one of the walls, while Jono appears in the background looking awkward out of his natural habitat on a manual pad.

    Dave and Louie disappeared for a while only to reappear in the window of this derelict building.

    While we were skating Louie managed to create this art piece bank to bank.

    Here is the botom floor of the derelict building.

    Blinky surprised everyone, easily managing this beanplant off the wall.

    Joe followed suit with a beanplant to fakie.

    Then decided to try a trick he can't really do but made it, fs blunt

    Blinky Frontside Ollie from the quarter onto the wallride.

    Jono claimed another crazy trick that I didn't think he could do, but he did, again. Frontside wallbash Revert.