Seoul, South Korea

  • Hangup Zine 3: Seoul, Korea | John Finucane and Ikbal Namani

    Nick Dudek, Frontside Ollie. | Photo: Ikbal Namani.

    Seoul is a giant metropolitan that spans over 605.21 km squared. It is inhabited by 10 million people and another 10 million in the surrounding areas. It is easy to get around due to the cheap and efficient transport system. The food is spicy and very meat based. The night life never ends here, word of advice be wary of Soju.

    The skate spots do not stop here. You will encounter the most incredible spots. Get off at any station and you are bound to discover another perfect virgin spot. The only thing that is lacking, is the absence of a good concrete park. Most of the parks here are pre-modular crap. The only park worth visiting is Cult in the Dongdaemun area.

    Overall, Seoul is a gem of a city for skateboarding. The spots vary from plazas, banks and natural transitions to the incredible skatepark-like Yeouniaru fountain. Book a ticket!

    John Finucane

    Dae Geun Ahn, Frontside Wallride Nollie. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Nick Dudek, Backside Wallride. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Daniel Hochman, Frontside Flip. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Ikbal Namani, Backside 180 Fakie Nosegrind. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Asher Stringer, Frontside 180 Fakie Nosegrind. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Nick Dudek, Front Blunt. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Ikbal Namani, Backside Ollie. | Photo: John Finucane

    Oleg Kondratenko, Backside Nollie. | Photo: Ikbal Namani.

    Josh Huewe, 360 Flip. | Photo: John Finucane.

    Oleg Kondratenko, Pole Jam. | Photo: John Finucane.