Seaghan Crawley on Preferring Tranny to Street, New Lines in Exi Bowl and Travelling

  • Seaghan Crawley on Preferring Tranny to Street, New Lines in Exi Bowl and Travelling

    When putting together Hangup Zine 3, Johnny Haynes sent through a couple of rad shots from his local, Whitley Bay skatepark, of a guy who I hadn't seen before - turns out this was Seaghan, and I'd been following him for a while on Instagram under his handle @scotch_666, and was stoked on the amount of Exhibition Park footage he was putting out (if you've been to Newcastle, you'll know not many locals step to the big bowl there!). I ended up getting in contact with Seaghan and he was down for this interview, as was Johnny to shoot for it!

    Seaghan blasts where Colin Adam once went over the wall. 

    Hi Seaghan, could you give us a brief run down of where you're from, what parks do you localise etc - were you born at Exi?

    My name is Seaghan Crawley, I live in a small town 20 minutes away from Newcastle, I mostly skate Exi but there are a couple other good parks in the area such as Whitley bay and North Seaton, feels like I should have been born at Exi though!

    Traditionally the North-East breeds predominantly street skateboarders, what made you decide to learn to skate transition?

    I can't remember how many years ago now but it's when the Creature team came to Exi bowl and that was such an inspiration to me when I was younger.

    Fully committed Crailslide down at his adopted local! (Which he happened to learn on demand for the photo)

    Living in Morpeth, how often to you venture down to Newcastle to skate? Do you ever get to other places in the area?

    I try get to town (Exi) as much as possible because it is unlike any other park around here. I have recently got a car so I've been able to get round to a lot more parks!

    Some of the footage in your part is from Amsterdam right? How was it skating there and have you travelled anywhere else abroad yet?

    Yeah man Amsterdam is such a sick place, perfect vibes and perfect ramps. I've been to Barcelona and had a little skate there but I would like to go back and would love to go Copenhagen as I've not been yet.

    Seaghan pulls in off one of the North East's funnest walls!

    How did you get on shooting the photos for this with Johnny? Did your approach to getting them change once you knew you were shooting for this? 

    I enjoyed shooting the photos with Johnny. He's sick at taking photos and a sound person, I don't think my approach changed really, maybe Johnny brought the hype a bit but this is how we do. 

    I've seen a lot of good stuff go down at Exi, but you're the first person I've seen Ollie into the waterfall from the volcano in lines, what made you want to try that particular trick?

    I like to go fast really and find new gaps and transfers and lines that are less traveled. 

    Any plans for the summer? You guys should definitely come down further South!

    Don't have any plans as of yet for summer, but yeah I'll definitely be coming down further south my mate lives in Leeds and my girlfriend goes to uni down there now so I will be down Leeds a lot more!

    Anyone you'd like to thank?

    I would like to thank the homies, Blind Johnny, Native and Hanguponline for coverage.

    Frontside Air through the green during The Moon Jam!

    I opened the questions up to some of Seaghan's homies, see below!

    You've got a good story from the first time you went to Livi?

    Yeah I was skating the bowl all day then binned it trying to skate the smallest flat rail and dislocated my finger 90 degrees to the right and had to wait 6 hours in hospital for them to pop it back in and had to drive back to Morpeth straight after 

    Road rage and the taxi driver in Heaton? Apparently your skateboarding is a just a release for your anger?  

    Hahaha I can't really remember much from that , don't remember why I was raging but I remember sticking my finger up at him and calling him a baldy fat cunt.

    Yeah I guess you could say that haha because no matter what troubles you've had throughout the day there is always skateboarding and as soon as you step on that board as soon as the grip tape touches your shoes nothing else matters.

    Why is your car so messy? 

    I'm a messy man haha. 

    Who the fuck is Alan Arkle? 

    The guy who pays my wages.

    Why did you dye your hair blonde?

    I don't know just thought it was cool at the time 

    What is the meaning of life?

    Skate fast eat shit haha.

    Favourite skaters?

    Ronnie Sandoval Andy Roy and GT 

    Who is Baldo?

    The man, the myth, the maverick.

    Seaghan Fastplants on yet another part of the radness that is the Whitley Bay Park.