Review: Screech Mag

  • Review: Screech Mag

    SCREECH is an independent, non-profit, Bristol based skateboard / art & design zine. Dedicated to photography, illustration & design that explores the culture, people and creativity of skateboarding.

    SCREECH is available at select spots as a printed zine.

    Taken from the Screech Website

    I picked up the first (hopefully not only! As is crossed out on the cover) issue of Bristol based Screech Mag recently, having liked the look of the cover and format of it.

    The zine crams in quite a lot of visual-based content into relatively small 32 pages, no doubt helped by the unorthodox long format of the book. Starting things off is a photo feature on the work of Andy Martinez, with photos of Patrick Merryfield, Matt Bush and Morgan Crane. These photos look really cool in black and white, with strong flash, plenty of fisheye and night/dusk slow shutter shots. Definitely keen to see more from Andy.

    Next up is a cool spread showcasing Joe Thorpe's decks modified into clocks, a variation on the cut down deck that I personally haven't seen before. Throughout the zine is a strong design that really holds each spread together in different ways, seen here with the use of text across Joe's clock. 

    Following this is a photo feature on the decidedly street skating leanings of photographer Callum Painter, seen below with a particularly rad photo and layout combo of Josh Arnott. Printed sideways on the page, this forces you to interact with the book properly, moving from a passive viewer into an active one. This approach is used throughout the book which makes for a really good experience viewing it!

    The next feature is a rad one on Harry Chilcott's illustration, and changes things up once more with a black background. Perhaps this is out of necessity due to Harry's use of white line work in alot of his illustrations rather than a conscious design. Either way, it serves to break up the book, encouraging the viewer focus on Harry's work a little longer.

    Lastly, we have a couple of spreads hosting Alice Lawrence's atmospheric night shots, based loosely around the M32 DIY spot in Bristol. Particular highlights of this one include a stairs and handrail shot straight out of Silent Hill and the below wallride around a post performed by Finbar.

    If you'd like to pick up the zine, you can get one for free (well 1p) from the Screech site here, or get one from venues around Bristol including Fifty Fifty, Campus Pool, The Surrey Vaults or The Graff Cafe.

    Keen to see issue 2!

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