Schneller Zine

  • Review: Schneller by Lewis Holt

    Schneller is a self-published photobook by photographer Lewis Holt. The book is (aside from the foreword and thank you pages) entirely photographic, documenting DIY culture across the UK, Amsterdam, Germany and Prague. The photos in the book are entirely shot on 35mm film, as according to Lewis; "shooting on film encompassed the do it or die attitude of skateboarding, the feel of the photos and the book is intended to aid the information within the content."

    The photos are spread between;

    • Familiar (Sheffield and 2er in Hannover) and unfamiliar DIY spots, both at home and abroad,
    • Park shots, including a particularly great looking undercover vert ramp,
    • Incidentals
    • and photos of Lewis' crew he travelled with!

    There is quite a bit of variety in the layout of the photos, some being spread across two pages, some doubling up on one page, some landscape shots being centred in the middle of a portrait page, some shots showing the film rebate and others not. This serves to keep things fresh as you work through the large amount of pages included!

    As far as I can tell, the book is laid out in a loosely chronological order of Lewis' travels to each spot, although some images appear out of sequence. This looseness keeps the viewer interested as they work through the book, with the odd surprise just as as you were beginning to "flick" through the pages.

    The overall quality of the book is great, reminding me of Adam Todhunter's Domesday Zine in a couple of ways. It's printed on thicker than average paper and the photos have great tonal and colour range. The book is really thick too, and because of this is perfect bound.