Scene 20th Anniversary Jam

  • Scene's 20th Anniversary Jam

    Tom Cottam Smiths around the Observatory, miraculously while no kids were sat on it!

    I travelled up to Preston early Sunday, hoping the showers I drove through over the Pennines hadn't also dampened the park! Having last skated the park almost two years ago during the opening, I managed to get a session while the park was quiet before the jams - the "observatory" corner is so fun, but really hard to get a line frontside for goofy-footers!

    Adam Kay came down from Blackpool after work and Nollie Tailgrabbed on command!

    The jams soon began, starting with the wallride, with standouts including Sam Mason's axle revert, Tom Cottam's Nosepick and Ollie up to Back Smith attempts, and fastest / loosest man award recipient Leigh Devine's hectic Footplants.

    Moving on to the hip jam and the phrase "Lemmings off a cliff" jumped into my head, although plenty of rad tricks did go down, including Danny Moor's Nollie Backside Flip Revert and Sam's 360 flip the wrong way!

    One of the strangest / gnarliest tricks of the day from Tom, Backside 180 off the platform and in!

    The most hotly contested jam of the day was definitely the bank to kerb jam, with every man and his dog getting involved in this one! Everything from 5050s and Boardslides to some serious Bluntslide variations - some guys were even Nollieflipping into tricks! Standouts from this one were Tom Cottam's 270 to switch pivot and Flip Backlip Revert, and eventual winner (I think) Ricky Davidson's Bluntslide Bigspin!

    Ricky Davidson mid-Bluntslide Revert during the hectic Kerb jam!

    The final jam proper was over in the bowl, with a small number of heads going in! Simo Johannes started things off with grinds on every bit, followed by Frosty with some solid lines including feeble grinds round the shallow and a Backside Ollie in the deep! Dave Morgan turned up and Front Rocked the deep end, before trying a couple of bonelesses into into, which didn't go particularly well... Sam Mason won this one with a fair few tricks, such as Ollie-ing in first go on demand, Tailblock in the deep, frontside feeble to front rock in the shallow and a load more!

    Tom's ridiculous transfer that closed the day out!

    The very final jam of the day was an inpromptu one on a box someone had brought down to the park, not sure who won this one but Tom Cottam ended it by transferring quarter to ledge! 

    The jam ended up being seriously packed out, not just with the skateboarders, but the graffiti guys, skate dads and their families and loads more besides. It shows how strong a scene Preston has, and I'm sure having such a good shop and now a great skatepark has just cemented this!

    Dave Morgan Frontside Ollies shortly before ruining his wrist on a Backside One!