Review: Polar vid

  • Review: Polar Vid

    As I'd written a previous piece on my favourite parts of the two Polar promos, and what I'd like to see in the full-length, I thought I'd write a review now I've given it a couple of watches.

    One of the first things I noticed during the introduction and then throughout the video, is the heavy use of black and white footage of skateparks (see intro Stapelbaddsparken section). Initially I thought this a culprit of the skatepark footage is second rate mentality seen in some videos but through watching the whole thing I think it's more to do with aesthetics. Stappel, which is plain concrete, is in black and white during the intro, but Sibbarp and the Deaner which have sections of bright colour are in colour. Exceptions to this are Hullet (plain and in colour), the original Steppeside section (colourful but in black and white, as part of the statue section) and street DIY.

    David Stenstrom Crailslides as part of the Carhartt WIP X Polar Skate Co. Ad Campaign, shot by Nils Svensson

    The soundtrack to the video is largely electronic music that reminds me of Terminator 2, or Alex Cameron (as heard on the recent Josh Pall pro part), and goes really well with the graphics throughout the video.

    Speaking of the graphics, there's a wide range of them throughout, ranging from dude's Mary Poppins-ing around the screen before ending up stuck in a tree to balls of light in pitch black forests to what can only be described as happy sad bat signals. These remind of Alien Workshop's output, particularly Mindfield with the frequent splashes of colour, but move past this largely due to more use of a flat graphical form.

    The dedicated DIY sections are a high point, both the original + newer Steppe Side builds have their own sections, with the newer Steppe Side being particularly great. Some of the tricks over the doorway + no flat bottom bowl are amazing. Sheffields own now defunct DIY even has a little section (in black and white). 

    That thing is gnarly

    I was disappointed with a couple of minor things in the video; Oski's Wallride between two of the Leeds Uni banks appears to be done to flat rather than back into the bank, although I'm sure this is just me being super critical and rewinding too much... Plus it's more than made up for by the sheer gnarliness of the Kingpin Cover, which has one of the best shots for me in the entire film. As you can tell from the cover, the sculpture being noseblunted is surrounded by buildings, and while Oski is doing the trick this is the case. Following this however is a shot of the sculpture surrounded by countryside. So either there's an identical sculpture somewhere in the country, or someone has impeccable photoshop skills! I know which I'd prefer! 

    Oski Wallrides in Leeds, shot by Sam Ashley for Sidewalk

    Oski shot by DVL for Kingpin

    Another thing I was disappointed by was Oski having an all street section. He has plenty of tranny footage scattered throughout the film, but I would have preferred to see at least some of that used in his section, especially the Stapel backside nosebluntslide!

    The only other bad point I can come up with is the prevalence (two examples, presumeably on purpose) of the dreaded Noseslide Shuvit, one by Hjalte, one by Pontus. Hopefully this is a trolling ploy by the guys to make the trick into the next shuvit flip! And if so, this goes on the good points pile!
    Overall, this is definitely a must purchase, especially due to how rare physical full-lengths are getting! Some real thought has gone into the packaging, you get a couple of postcard sized prints along with it too, photographs in Pontus' signature style. And I haven't even mentioned Kevin Rodrigues' part! He's completed the wallride game...