Recent Classics: Marc Tison in Elephant Direct

  • Recent Classics: Marc Tison in Elephant Direct

    The Big O is a unique street spot which was built as part of the Olympic Stadium built in 1976, and has a rich history in the Canadian skate scene. Having seen a few mentionings of The Big O spot in Montreal recently, I was reminded of Marc Tison’s section from Jeremy Elkin’s 2010 video Elephant Direct.

    The part heavily features the aforementioned Big O spot (which underwent a somewhat unprecedented move a few years after the part), along with a a couple of unseen pools and street spots scattered throughout.  

    His lines at the Big O are unique, no one but a local would attempt to skate the steep escalator walls (for example at 13:00 with the backside/frontside lipslide). Other notables from the spot include the run on at 13:12 followed by the air to truckbash at 13:22 in a line, a lengthy backside lipslide up the escalator at 14:03, and an alley-oop tailside revert and alley-oop backside smith down the escalator shortly after.

    Part starts at 12.50 -