Recent Classics: John Gardner, Bruns Skate Jawn

  • Recent Classics - John Gardner, Bruns Skate Jawn

    Recent Classics is a new series on the site showcasing recent parts that we feel deserve another look in the age disposable online content. If anyone has any suggestions for the future please get in touch!

    The whole of the Bruns video by Skate Jawn is great, with a special mention going to Nik Stain’s section.

    However the section chosen for this Recent Classics is John Gardner’s.

    Photo by Xeno Tsarnas, taken from his Skate Jawn Interview

    The New Jersey native seemed to come from nowhere with one of my favourite parts of 2014(aside from this clip I had seen some time previously). Skating all manner of different terrain, highlights included the layback smith and alley oop back smith in a particularly rancid looking backyard pool (1.27), the ride up to frontside pivot on a crusty tranny to wall (1.33), a line ending in a frontside invert in the deepest bowl of FDR (1.45), kickflip 5050 roll in to a pool (3.34), Ollie over hole to 5-0 over the light in another pool (4.35) or even skating some rather large handrails scattered throughout the part.

    Give it a watch and let us know what you think!