Recent Classics: Jay Burton in Sea Level

  • Recent Classics: Jay Burton in Sea Level

    Today's Recent Classics section is Jay Burton's from Sea Level by Christopher Fiftal and Elliot Vecchia - filmed entirely at Groton DIY park, Connecticut.


    The section begins with a voiceover from the main man behind Groton Skatepark, Jeff Paprocki (who according to this interview with Jay, successfully ran for Town Council in the area, further cementing the security of the park) talking about the development of the park - including the prevalent "4 foot rule" when building DIY!

    Groton park itself seemed fairly unique to me when I first viewed the part, with the part predating the more recent Polar-isation of DIY spots, this spot harked back to the older DIY skateparks of America such as Burnside or Washington Street, a more recent visual reference would be Mechelen DIY park in Belgium. But as it was on the East Coast, it seemed all the more impressive.

    Ultimately the success of the part comes down to the Jay himself, who resembles a cross between Cardiel (particularly with the presumably Sight Unseen inspired Reggae soundtrack!) and Atchley in my eyes. Starting with a couple of single tricks from around the park, Jay soon gets to work on the escalator up to the nine and a half foot bowl corner with a Backside Lipslide, followed by a Frontside Feeble and Frontside Mayday! Follwing that is a few tricks on the first thing built at the park, the jersey barrier, including a Backside Bluntslide to fakie popped to flat. 

    Jay Burton, Stalefish, Rhode Island, Photographer Unknown

    The next section Jay sessions the aforementioned nine and a half footer, including the rarely seen Noseslide and a tucked Indy air (2:25), and for the next couple of minutes he flies around the park with some follow-filmed lines. 3:48 sees an even more impressive bluntslide to fakie that covers travels the length of what must be a fifteen foot piece of coping!

    Other notable tricks from the section include a Cab Stalefish Tailsmack at 4:18, long Frontside Lipslide around a bowl corner at 4:45 and a Backside 5-0 the length of the main quarter, then down the escalator at 5:08.

    Researching for this article has well and truly sent me down the Youtube rabbithole! Here's a couple of related sections -

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    Thirteen minute raw edit of Jay skating some amazing looking backyard ramps, crusty parks (including Washington Street), pools and street!