Park: Ramp1 - Warrington

  • Thrasher Vacation 28/08/14

    Assembled crowd for a Grant Taylor Backside Ollie.

    Raven Tershy heading back for another go.

    Roz with a backside carve in the ridiculous fullpipe.

    Ronnie Sandoval going frontside.

    Raven carving round the wallride.

    Raven carve grinding the wallride.

    Raven Frontside Nosegrind.

    Raven Ollie to Smith grind.

    Ronnie Sandoval Frontside Stalefish.

    Ronnie Frontside Invert.

    Scottish Raybourn with a Crailslide Revert.

    Reiss Johnson Frontside Invert.

    Blinky Backside Air.

    Blinky Frontside Stalefish.