Record: Quayside Quarter

  • Quayside Quarter

    Whilst at university in Sunderland, I heard about an amazing sounding DIY’d jersey barrier somewhere on the quayside in Newcastle. One weekend when a couple of my friends had come up to skate I decided to try and find it. I text my (then more of an acquaintance) friend Blinky asking for directions, he happened to be down in Leeds for the weekend so couldn’t show me where it was, so he text me back his best directions to the spot.

     The quarter can be seen thoughout Blinky's part in Bish's "Pigs in Wigs" video, at 0:30, 1:08, 1:57 and 2:09.

    Following his directions, we walked along the river for a while, looking for a big white building that the spot was near. Ending up totally out of the city after about an hour, we decided to head back into town. As it turns out, Blinky’s directions had sent us the wrong way up the river…

    We successfully found it the next time we tried to find it, with a good session going down, with myself even managing to get a Backside Pivot and then carve over one of the holes in the barrier.

    Here Joe Howard Backside Blunts during our first session, 2009

    A couple of years later, having moved away from the area, I was frequently visiting due to my ex-girlfriend’s family living in Gateshead. On one of these trips, no doubt inspired by Needleside in Leeds, we decided to create another transition there in order to be able to (in theory) grind across.

    Blinky mid-trowel

    Having next to no experience using concrete the “transition” was next to unskateable, with only a couple of people managing to grind across it (Blinky and Sean Tracy iirc) before both the new and old quarter were both quickly demolished.

    Blinky with the only documented trick across the gap, frontside 5-0, 2009/10. Photo by Daniel Dale.