Proper Little Artist's Honey Art Show Recap

  • Proper Little Artist's Honey Art Show Recap

    I've been part of the Honey Art show before, I did product photography workshops for free, to help people utilise their equipment like phones and lighting to their best ability but to be IN the show felt amazing, I met so many wonderful people and to be alongside the artists was really a boost for me, they are all so talented (in the open video I got every single piece in) It's always such a safe place to be yourself, no judgment and it feels like we are part of a little community. What Honey art show does is incredible, definitely check their pages!

    The open night was so good, loads of people turned up and we even had LK poet in, which was an eye opener for me, she's awesome and now I like poetry.

    With my piece I wanted to create something I've not done before. I'm always attracted to collage, I've made some digitally using only my own images and sketches but never really taken it anywhere, just used it as a source of research or inspiration. I started using my skate photos or images I've taken (or taken of me) on my little skate adventures to make collages and editing them in photoshop into cool compositions.

    Someone asked me at the show "what's behind the lamination and repetition?" I just said that I guess that’s my personality and history coming through, I was diagnosed with OCD a few years back and repetition clears my mind, it's therapeutic and I just really love layers. 

    The comments that were written on the collages themselves aren't good or bad, they are basically just conversations or interesting things people have said to me that I remember. Some are kind of terrible though.

    I was a little nervous to do a piece about skating because I am pretty shit at it, I've only been at it 4 months - it's been wild already. But that’s what skating and graff taught me - its fine to be nervous but you have to just get the fuck on with it, they boosted my confidence loads and pretty much consumed my life. You take lessons from this stuff - I don't compare myself to others so much anymore with anything in life.