Interview: Philippe Da Rosa

  • Interview: Philippe Da Rosa

    With an gnarly video part out today, punishing some of the South's most venerable concrete, we caught up with Philippe Da Rosa -

    Interview by Paul Graham and Monkeyglove Matt, photos by Monkeyglove Matt

    Name: Philippe Da Rosa 

    Age: 17

    Where are you from: Hornchurch, Essex. Born in South London

    How long have you been skating & what made you start?

    5 Years ago. I was on Holiday in Brazil there were lots of people skating and my Mum was like you should get a skateboard.

     Ok am I right in saying you are local to Romford skatepark? How was it growing up skating such a unique park, and how do you feel it has moulded you as a skateboarder?

     Yes that's my local park. It’s different, it is unique, so rough and so gnarly which I think helps me prepare for other places because most places don't get as hard to skate as Rom. It's a great place to learn especially the Pool.

     Are you on the Altar Skate Shop team? How did that come about?

     That came about from my friends who are associated with Altar. I was stoked when Chris said they wanted me on the team.

     You've got a new part out with Monkeyglove, is this your first part?

     Yes my first ever video part. I have done some small clips over the years but this is bigger.  It's been a year in the making and I am stoked that it is coming out real soon.

     Where have you been filming for it? Any good stories or particularly memorable tricks?

     Rom, Brighton, Shoreham, House of Vans, the spot Tottenham, all over it's been fun travelling and skating. No particular stories but lots of good memories.

     I'm interested in how people choose what tricks to do, do you have a specific process for learning tricks?

     No not really I try not to think about it just skate and see how things go. I don't plan anything.

    Favourite skater?

     Louis Daddy Bad Man "Laughs" (That's my dad) but seriously Lance Mountain, he's the Guy.

     Favourite skate spot?

     The Pool in Antwerp Belgium

     Favourite food?


     Who would you like to thank?

     Mum, Dad, Monkeyglove Matt, All my boys at Zombie, Mark Munson, Jason Goodwin, Eric Oysterburg, Rom Locals and Chris at Altar.

    ...and here's the video part, filmed by Monkeyglove Matt, too many highlights to mention so just watch it and be stoked -