North East Trip

  • North East Trip - Article and Hangup 001 Edit

    Back in March last year, a group of us decided to head to Scotland, but for various reasons we only got as far as Newcastle...

    The crew was myself, James Foster, Joe Howard and Leo. First stop was the amazing Preston Park, Stockton-on-Tees. 

    Joe warmed up on the corner extension, starting off with a Backside Air.

    Followed by a Mayday which came quite easily. Joe seems to be able to do Maydays on the gnarliest ramps with ease (see The House bowl) whilst struggling to do them on smaller ones...

    I had to bully Joe a little to do this one and it took him a little longer to get it

    While Foz concerned himself with the street section in the main, he dipped into the bowl every now and again, managing to get this 5-0 over the "a lot harder to skate than it looks" doorway relatively easily!

    We worked on this one for a while. I originally shot this long with similar composition to Foz's 5-0, but wasn't completely happy with it. So we decided to shoot fisheye instead, which was convenient as Joe only likes to shoot fish anyway... He struggled for a while getting the speed to get right out of the top of the bank - having to carve around the whole bowl then negotiate the tricky transition of the bank nearly beat him. However in the end he came through with this Hewitt-esque Boneless One!


    Joe and Leo checking the footage of the prior Boneless, whilst also comparing Wristguards.

    After the session at Preston Park, we drove up the A19 (big mistake) to Sunderland to meet Ben Cook and friends at the amazing Sunniside Plaza spot. This is where the wind really began to pick up, to the point of noone being able to skate the heavily sessioned ledge over the blind bumps. Apart from Foz, who reeled off a fair few tricks over it in a short space of time, including frontside 180 fakie nosegrind revert, back smith and backtail shuv. We soon decamped to the Sunderland staple of Beanie Tom's/Dale's/formerly Ben C's for the night.

    Waking up to even windier conditions, we started the day off with a session at a great little wallie spot, which unfortunately was very close to the Wearmouth Bridge, which meant even stronger winds. We then moved onto the staple Gateshead quarters spot.

    Ben had claimed this trick a while prior to the session. Going in fakie on these banks is no joke, so I had my doubts as to whether he could do it, but I was actually surprised how quickly he did it!

    Ben quickly moved on to another trick, this time a properly executed Beanplant to fakie. So not only is he going back into this haggard, brick, steep as fuck quarter, but he's jumping back in! So sick.

    Joe warmed up with an over-extended Rock and Roll.

     He then trained up these Crailslides on the quarter, doing at least 10 before being "happy" with one!

    The Frontside Feeble was done in a couple of tries...

    Before finishing off with this textbook Frontside Rock and Roll!

    Foz "warmed up" with one of my dream tricks to do here, a Pivot Fakie. I've managed to lock into one before but it feels so strange I'd never even think about going back in!

    In true Foz fashion, he followed it up with a heavy NBD, to my mind the techest trick ever done at the spot, a fakie pivot fakie.

    From here we moved onto a rad bank to wall under one the the bridges going ovver the Tyne, the only problem being it's on a busy bus lane, so you run the risk of being hit by a bus every ten minutes!

    This one was rad, having never seen Joe do this before, he messed around trying a couple, and with about half a second to spare I manged to get the camera ready for the one and only make!

    We ended the day at the amazing Newcastle Wasteland. We ended up mainly skating the quarter (pre-bowl corner sadly) and the amazing Jump box, seen below with Foz's impromptu Seatbelt Air!

    See below for an edit of the weekend, filmed by Ben Cook and Leo! Bit of extra Bruce at the start that was filmed around the time too!