9. Myles Willard in Toy Machine's Programming Injection

  • Myles Willard in Toy Machine's Programming Injection

    One of the better introductory parts in recent years, but one that seems to have been a littler overlooked compared to some of the other parts released from the video, or even other recent introductory parts! (Watch Eddie Cernicky’s Welcome to Krooked part here)

    Wallie-ing his way straight out of Baltimore and shooting a couple of notable photos including the switch wallie / wallride on the thumbnail below and getting a Thrasher cover shortly after getting on, Myles made an instant impression even before the release of this part featuring the footage of those tricks. Covering all personal taste bases with mastery of various disciplines including deep switch skills (Nollie fs flip, switch backlip shove line at 0:29, switch back tails and switch front feebles) and wallies (The polejam section at 1:07 and plenty more…) There’s even evidence of transition skills in the accompanying Thrasher interview…

    A probable highlight on rewatching is an explosive Nollie FS Heel over a handrail into a crusty bank - this clip exemplifies the part somewhat, especially the type of under the radar spot Myles seems to prefer.