Municipality II | Craig Dodds

  • Municipality II | Craig Dodds

    Municipality II, by Craig Dodds, is a 36 page zine of 35mm photos shot around Belfast, Dublin and Scotland, centred around documenting the denizens of city life.

    Beginning with an artistic, almost poetic introduction to the zine serves to prepare the reader in a certain way, almost to appreciate the subjects in the photos more. I found myself spending more time on each page, wondering about the character or situation each person could be in. Similarly, the zine closes out with a Lou Reed quote

    Craig intersperses colour photos through the predominantly black and white zine. This places additional importance onto these photos, as the eye is drawn to them - you'll naturally spend more time looking at them. Colour photos in the zine include fire, a balaclava'd guy, a torn apart bird, daisies in front of a church, a small girl on a skateboard (again, only one photo of a board in the zine!) and a few more.
    With the purpose of the zine stated to document the people living in these cities, the decision to give such a wide range of photos (perceived) importance within the zine (the printing them in colour) suggests a non-linear narrative, which, again, gives the zine more depth and return value. Craig could easily have given these positions of importance only to the people in the zine, "relegating" other types of photos to black and white. But he didn't, and the zine is all the stronger for it!

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