Park: Moor Park, Preston

  • Opening Jam - 13/09/15

    We arrived to a very busy skatepark, filling with all types of users, scooters, bmxers, random men with cameras and the general public. Alot of people decided to stick to the bowl because of this, apart from myself, and I soon felt the error of my ways as I collided with a number of users before calling it a day and sticking to shooting photos.

    Welsh Alan was ripping the bowl from as soon as he arrived, easily doing these back smiths in the deep.

    Avid, still recovering from injury, gave the bowl a bodyjar in a Wisdom hoody.

    Bruce wisely took a chilled out approach to getting used to the park, leading up to this smith as well  as backside airs in the deep.

    Doug took the opposite approach and had only a couple of runs, but went full pelt, often ending a slams but he managed to get a few tricks, like this frontside Smith.

    Duncan Philp had the longest grinds frontside and backside of the day.

    Junior Adjei warmed up to a larger tranny than Hyde park, getting this frontside rock and roll to the loudest cheer of the day

    Sam Pulley seemed to do all of his tricks in one or two runs

    Backside Smith

    Fakie Invert


    Backside Disaster

    Sam Mason was ripping the whole park, including this Tailblock in the deepend

    Finally, the impossible to predict Sox was in attendance, and I managed to shoot two of the most predictable tricks he did all day. 

    Apologies again Sox for colliding with you...