Matt Beer on Cornwall, Events, and Line Tech.

  • Matt Beer on Cornwall, Events, and Line Tech.

    Backside Air at the Boardroom. | Photo: Martyn Tambling.

    Right then Matt, could you give us a little background on yourself to start? Where are you from, where'd you skate on the regs etc...

    I’m from a little village in Cornwall called Landrake. I grew up skating at Domain with my twin brother. We were always there when we started off until it closed down, then started skating Mount Hawke skatepark an hour from me. I skate around Plymouth, the outdoor and indoor park with a couple friends - always up for an evening ride!

    I think the first time I was aware of you was through Stefani Nurding's Instagram skating the Boneyard, how'd you first meet Stef and how'd you become so tight?

    She’s from the same area as me so I got to know her as I was growing up skating, we both have the same motivation wanting to travel skating as much as we can.

    Proper Lien Air. | Photo: Martyn Tambling.

    I've seen you travel all over for events, even as far as Leeds for a random Pool comp, why'd you feel the need to travel so far for comps?

    There isn’t always loads going on down here, it’s getting better like Junkyard doing their annual Chock-o-block Jam and Mount Hawke recently getting the Blackpool pool, it’s always rad to travel and meet new people to skate as many spots as we can.

    Having just passed you're driving test, is there any UK parks you've never been to that you plan to now?

    I really want to hit up Newport’s park. The transitions are quirky and steep perfect for the style of skating I enjoy. I’m going to like the freedom of driving to any local park and going further afield when I can by myself or a couple of friends!

    Going off your video / Instagram footage, you seem to string together some real unique and technical miniramp lines. Do you skate this way all the time or specifically try and film "endless" lines?

    That’s just kind of my style! I love to put runs together and flow about, it’s just how I enjoy skating whether I’m at a contest or a local park.

    Melon Wallplant! | Photo: Martyn Tambling.

    Have you many travel plans for the Summer? Stef mentioned heading to the Malmo Vans Park Series? 

    I’m going to try head up to all the UK Vert Series, I really want to visit Prague and I’d love to get out to Malmo if I can get the opportunity to make it happen.

    Couple of quick fire questions to close it out! Favourite UK Skateparks and why? 

     Probably Mount Hawke Skatepark, it’s got a variety of street and transition you can skate, with the bowl having steep transitions to float airs out of.

     Favourite miniramp trick?

     Fs Boneless.  

    Number one trick you want to learn?


    Top 3 video parts and why?

    Cheese and Crackers - the tech with unique inventive skateboarding.

    Rune Glifberg’s In Transition part - amazing things thrown down on that over vert was insane!

    Ishod Wair’s Told Ya part - he literally doesn’t stop skating kills it all day.