Limerick Has Seoul | Ireland Crew in Korea by John Finucane

  • Limerick Has Seoul | Ireland Crew in Korea by John Finucane

    Living 10,000 kilometers from Ireland it’s rare to get visitors from the motherland. Flights from Ireland to Korea at best can cost around 600 euro and that doesn’t include the cost of accommodation and spending money. So, it is quite common to hear people having intentions to visit but usually nothing really comes of it.The Limerick lads voiced these intentions to visit last winter and actually followed through. The perfect spots which they saw in videos and photos was the driving force behind their plan to come. The crew consisted of Cian Eades, Jamie Fairbrother, Danny Shorrt and Luke Shortt  who I’ve known probably know for around fifteen years. Limerick is the fourth biggest city in Ireland with a pretty strong skate scene. While they were here they met some of the local expats who have been living here for a while. The main mission was to get footage for personal projects. Unfortunately, they brought a bit of the Irish weather with them. Half of the days they were here, it pissed it down all day which is quite uncommon. Here are some of the photos which they lads got while they were, the rest is under-wraps for a while.

    Cian Eades was one of the main driving forces in the getting the lads to come visit. While he was here, he destroyed the spots. Lots of nbds at spots hence the term “The Cian Eades Show” was invented. Wait till the footage and photos drop in the coming months. This front boardslide was a warm up on this long sackable rail.

    Danny backed up Cian on the rail with a backside boardslide. Always helps to have someone session the spot with you.

    This spot is a quick bust. It’s actually located in a hospital, so you do kind of feel bad. This time we only got five minutes until security started shouting at us in Korean. Luckily playing the dumb foreigner who doesn’t know what’s going on, gave Jamie the extra few minutes to get the photo.

    Asher is a Kiwi who has been living in Korea for around six years. He is based in a city called Incheon which is right beside Seoul. There’s another three million people based in Incheon. Incheon is a goldmine for untouched spots as it’s not as skated as Seoul. This time Asher had found this perfect ledge to hill bomb.
     This spot is probably one of the most tourist skate spots in Seoul. Basically, any skater who comes to Seoul wants to skate this spot. Trick over/on the rail into the unforgiving bank. Unfortunately, the time we visited, it was midday and 32 degrees. Danny battled through the challenging conditions to get a fat nollie shove.

    Some of you may know him from the Ride Channel where he gave an introduction to skating in Seoul city. Daniel has also been in Korea for around six years. Always working on some kind of projects. This day, he managed to get a fakie bs nosegrind on a perfect spot we found recently.

    This spot is usually covered in water from the end of spring to the end of autumn. It’s basically a fountain where people go to dip their feet in the hot weather but when drained, it’s an amazing spot. The spot has ledges, wallrides, banks etc. Surprisingly on this summer day, part of the fountain was drained. Luke made good of the situation with a switch heel on the bank.