Leith DIY Jam

  • Leith DIY Jam

    Words: Aaron Wilmot
    Photos: Chris Campbell
    Video: Sesh Beard

    Check Chris' full gallery from the jam here.

    Right so HERE WE GO the day of the Edinburgh DIY jam!  I arrive late as usual due to my love of the bar the night before, I get the train which always amazes the lads (I drive a lot), I secretly spy the Kirkintilloch lads getting on the train. Couple of skate rats for sure, Stu Christie and Mateusz Kowalski, I was glad to know they’d made the journey. I rolled in and the DIY jam was already in full swing by 2pm-ish. The press had been and gone, which was perfect timing to bust out the paddling pool of free beers (thanks beer folk). Seb Sing and Ruari were sorting out the young lads jam on the mic and the Twins and Ewan killed it, lots of heads were present with some shy until a beer in them heavy hitters lurking like Tom Simpson. (Nose grinded the loveseat after the contest it was butter).


    Aaron Noseblunt Pull ins for the media / Stu Christie's barge.

    Mark Burrows handled the microphone for the main jam, we tried heats but we just all wanted to have fun at the same time I reckon, Ruari was doing some savage Aubergines in the the clampy. He gave it the clamps many times actually with several hand turns. Mateusz was grinding everything in sight and going Mach 10 round the place, bonelessed everything. Charlie Darlin was doing manoeuvres over the doorway that were very special and fantastic mic skills also; Mark was just basically telling us what tricks he wanted to see then we’d have to do them, paper was getting handed out.


    Mateusz Kowalski Frontside Nosegrind over the Loveseat.

    The jam was nearly dust after most of us slammed out or needed a beer, then all of a sudden Adam Paris aka David Cosmo busts in to the course, Hawaii shirt, shades, bag of beer in hand and starts grinding all over the place shredding, might have even been a sal flip tail or finger flip rock fakie in there, crowd clapped and the session kicked back off.  You had to be there to see how much Tom Simpson was just casually destroying the place after the contest, the Honey pots were playing a ghetto gig at the spot with some dodgy sound system but smashed it ‘cause they are class, check them out, three wavey rapper chicks very sick.

    Ruari Eggplants for the party.

    We then got on the sauce hard and Charlie and me got knocked back for bevy (Mainly my fault). Ruari thanked everyone for all their help and contributions over the time they’ve had the spot. James Ape man you are a legend. Then aye, just proceeded to get on it, think we went to The Lioness for last orders, then Ruari’s for more fun.

    Was a great day and an amazing send off to the park that’s been a stepping stone in the right direction for all of Edinburgh’s skate community, it’s built friendships and hopes for more positive outlooks like skateboarding. Hopefully they give Ruari and the Leith DIY project a new space for more building, keep Ruari busy that’s the game! He’s a dad! 

    Aye so Kowalski won the contest and got the face spade that Charlie had crafted, we all had the best time, I’ve missed out so much but you had to be there. 


    Mateusz Kowalski Backside Boneless.