Record: Leeds DIY Quarter

  • Record: Leeds DIY Quarter

    Kicking this week off, we have a gallery and edit from the relatively short lived DIY BMX Quarter in Leeds. Featuring Blinky, Martyn Hill, Lee Snoding, Bruce, Rob Smith, Josh Young, Jake Collins, Dale Starkie, Doug McLaughlan and Paul Silvester! Photos from Paul Graham and Reece Leung.

    Martyn Hill | Front Blunt | Photo: Reece Leung

    Lee Snoding | Crailblock | Photo: Reece Leung

    Blinky | Backside Boneless | Photo: Paul Graham

    Martyn Hill | No Comply | Photo: Reece Leung for Heathen

    James Foster | Backside Disaster | Photo: Reece Leung

    Josh Young | Frontside Noseblunt | Photo: Reece Leung

    Paul Silvester | Shove it Nosestall | Photo: Reece Leung

    Paul Silvester | Switch Frontside Disaster | Photo: Reece Leung

    Blinky | Frontside Air | Photo: Paul Graham

    Doug McLaughlan | Back Tail | Photo Reece Leung