Hangup Zine 1: Kobwebs DIY

  • Hangup Zine 1: Kobwebs DIY

    As I sit here and start to write this, I am thinking how do I explain Kobwebs. Ok well I am going to give it a shot. Think of some of your best skate sessions, times them all by 10 and your’e getting close. It's not just a concrete diy bowl made by skaters for skaters, it's the whole vibe of the place. I guess that's the hard bit to explain; the laughs, the smiles, the beers and the cheers.

    So where does this story begin.

    It all began in a barn in Essex; a mini ramp with not much more than a board's length of flat, with platforms not much bigger than the width of your board. Fun all the same and I guess now you start to think of what could be ...

    Over a period of time the backwards and forwards of a mini ramp rages into the need for a corner to carve and grind. So the mini is moved out and bowled corners begin to take shape.

    When finished it gets more and more visits from the regulars and now attention from other Essex skaters. A vert wall is put up at one end of the bowl which becomes a who can go highest competition. Now wood works, but there is nothing like riding concrete and all the goodness that it holds.

    So work starts on the first pour and links into the existing wood, the buzz of mixing up concrete and pouring it to transition soon takes over. The pan handle as it becomes affectionately know is the first pour of concrete and the first place to have the kobwebs painted on it.

    This backs onto the wooden bowl and so the two are linked.

    So now the concrete has started to take over the barn the momentum goes into overdrive. Skate nights become build nights and Kobwebs beings to grow. Over a very quick period the entire barn becomes a sea of concrete. Only a small storage area, the entrance door and place to chill are available. The rest is a mix of smooth and rough transitions that vary in dimension. The sessions really start to take hold now because the lines are now endless.

    After many a long session enjoying all the hard work put into the new crete. It is decided that the old wood had to go and so the deepest most gnarly part of Kobwebs is born. It may not look much in pictures but come skate is and get sum. Not as easy as it looks. Now go crete your reality!! Long Live KOBWEBS!!

    Text and photos by Monkeyglove Matt