Kernow Punks | Jim Taylor

  • Kernow Punks | Jim Taylor

    Kernow Punks is a photo series shot by Jim Taylor, focusing on the band Bobby Funk.

    The accompanying zine is 16 pages, staple bound on 130gsm silk paper. Each spread of the zine (apart from the first which features the introductory text) consists of double-page spreads, one photo to each spread.

    The photos themselves are taken from a pool of over 50 (the rest of which can be seen on Jim’s website), and range from your typical band situations such as packed out gigs, beer and hospital visits, to quieter moments including sitting in a caravan with your Fallout poster or rimlit couples photos.

    The rules of photography are broken in a couple of places, but in the best ways possible - having the subject heavily out of focus whilst coming toward you crowdsurfing nothing but adds to the energy and freneticism of the photo!


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