June Zine | Josh Nice

  • June Zine | Josh Nice

    Josh Nice’s latest zine is a 46 page black and white booklet which sees him documenting a two-week trip to Bordeaux and Hossegor in June with the Perdu crew. Get one while you can here.

    Most of the shots in the zine are shot full frame with rebate in the traditional of much classic documentary photography, or more specifically, Ed Templeton, who Josh cites as an influence. The overall style of Josh’s photos remind me a lot of Ben Deberdt’s work too!

    Throughout the zine, Josh plays with the layout of each spread, some containing one frame a spread on the right-hand page, some frames being laid over the whole spread, whilst other spreads have multiple smaller frames, of which some are also cross the fold.

    In the zine and in his wider work, Josh concentrates on the wider happenings of a skate session, resulting in only four frames of this zine being your more traditional skate photo (with two of those being a (very rad) frontside wallride on the same spot). In our previous interview, Josh reasons of his photographic style; “I guess a lot of the time people describe my work as 'candid' which is how I like it to be, it just feels natural to me. I usually shoot photos of my friends and random people in the street and whatever catches my eye really. I like being able to 'freeze' a moment in time that you'll probably never be able to recreate again or get the same shot - it feels pure.” This focus on the candid moments allows the zine to become an overall quieter, contemplative experience separate from that of the magazine / feed hammer bombardment. Which in itself is very appreciated, and lends itself well to being able to return to the zine time and time again.

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