Joe Fleming on Australia, Spiders and Setups

  • Joe Fleming on Australia, Spiders and Setups

    Interview by Forde Brookfield. Photos by Jamie Hamer.

    Alright Fleming you mad cunt? How are ya?

    Easy mate im good, tired from work and waiting for a meal at the local pub, one more day of slaving my ass off then its the weekend... Should be a fun one.

    You originally come from some butthole town in the U.K, but you moved to Australia for years. What age did you move there? and did you get into skateboarding whilst you lived there?

    Yeah I'm from Bedworth man, it's a small town near Coventry and the skate scene there seems to be improving, slowly but surely. We've got a few fun spots there like the brick quarters but the skatepark is absolute dog shit, it needs to be torn down and remade. I was 10 when I moved to Perth in Western Australia with my mum and step-dad after living in Southam for a few years. I got into skating after getting Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 with a PS2, then an old school friend Shaun in Southam lived next door to Daryl Nobbs, and I used to see that guy skating his ramp and was hyped on skating so I took it up!

    Indy Tailblock in Bedworth.

    I was recently skating a fullpipe with you somewhere in the Midlands, and as we entered it, it was surrounded by spiders... living in Australia for as long as you did, I thought you'd of grown used to them? Whats the gnarliest one you've ever seen?

    Nah I don't like spiders man, the webs just freak me the fuck out. In Australia you get huntsman spiders, they're big. One time I woke up with one crawling into my mouth. I grabbed it, threw it and heard it hit the curtain, then ran to the light switch. Didn't sleep in my room for a week.

    How was the skate scene and spots out there? and how much better/worse is it than skateboarding in the U.K?

    As far as the skate scene goes Perth has a really good one, they've been building tonnes of sick parks recently and the street side of it is good, you don't seem to get a huge amount of hassle. I'd say that the scene is about the same from what I've seen from the UK. England has a lot more rough ground though.

    We've just started filming together for BAGHEAD 3, have you even fully watched BAGHEAD KIILLS II yet? Who's part would you say you could watch over and over? (if there is any!)

    Yeah man ive watched it, you know this! Jozef Szklaruk's part is dope, could watch that over and over.

    Give me 5 skateboarders you're hyped on right now... literally any in the world.

    Erick Winkowski, Andre Young, Donovan Rice, Khyunjun666 and Chris Russell.

    If you could choose one skateboarding video to watch for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

    Beauty and the Beast, Girl and Antihero tour, the first one. Why? Peter Hewitt and Dystopia.

    What do you think to Instagram? I've seen so many skaters now that're getting mass acknowledgement due to Instagram hype. I'm sure there's even a few skateboarders going pro and never releasing a video part, but putting everything online. What's your take on it?

    I reckon instagram is good man, theres loads of sick skaters a vast majority of us would never have heard of getting coverage because of Instagram.

    Invert at Holbrooks Bowl, Coventry.

    Since we've first skated skating together, I've noticed you can skate a little bit of everything. Street, parks, D.I.Y and generally anything given. What would you prefer to skate on a sunny day with a cold brew?

    I'd preferably wanna skate bowls over anything, especially if it has crusty coping. Fuck buttery coping it's the worst. Pool coping has the best feel and sound to it.

    You tend to ride any shape, any size, any trucks and wheels etc. What would be your ideal set up?

    The bigger board the better, well, within reason... At the moment I'm skating a 9 inch Death straight shape with Indy 169s, Death 58mm wheels and quarter inch risers, oh yeah im using lowdoh bushings too. This setup feels pretty perfect. The Cliche Natas 101 reissue felt rad too, as long as the board fits 169s im usually a happy guy.

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