Record: Hurworth

  • Hurworth Session

    Prior to the 4Motion pre-opening jam, we decided to stop by Hurworth as most of us had never been before. Arriving to a mostly damp area, we set about skating the right hand side of the quarter.

    Laurie O'Hara got things rolling with the classic Wallride Nollie out the side onto the platform.

    Blinky pushed fast as fuck to get the speed for this wallplanter.

    Liverpool and Darlington crews soon showed up with the session heating up accordingly!

    Ash Wilson began with a Frontside Rock and Roll.

    Russ Longmire chose the crustiest part of the quarter to get to work on, with Backside Blunts, Disasters and a Blunt to Backside Disaster.

    Ben Grove came through with the Darlington crew and set about getting a few of his staples on it, back tail.

    Laurie with a lesser-seen backside sweeper.

    Dave Mackey did a rad manual the full length of the quarter but I didn't get a shot of that...

    Russ Backside Blunts

    Luke Fletcher, Backside Boneless

    Dean closed the session with this Backfoot Flip Disaster,

    And then followed with this Frontside Bluntslide around the puddle.

    Quick one foot disaster from Joe before we left.