Hangup Zine 3 Out Now!

  • Hangup Zine 3 Out Now!

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    This issue of the zine is the most international one yet, with contributions from all over the U.K, Canada, Spain, Japan and even South Korea!

    We have;

    Dave Adlington at Spotter on the cover,

    Expression and Aggression, by Sam Barnard,

    A sizeable photo gallery featuring Seaghan Crawley, Dae Geun Ahn, Furuwatari Yuki, Callum McRobbie, Dan Wisbeach, Moggins, Sam Pulley, Rob Jones, Adam Keys and Adam Paris.

    A Manchester scene check from Dave Morgan featuring Zach Riley, Keanu Robson and more,

    An interview with Kernow ex-pat Rob Jones,

    South Korea by John Finucane and Ikbal Namani,

    A look at the Toronto girl scene from Aimee Robinson,

    An interview with Devon ripper Matt Beer,

    and finally an interview with Tom Seaton, owner of Camp Hillcrest.

    Contributors for this issue are; Craig Dodds, Matt Clarke, Danny Parker, Tom Quigley, Masahiro Yoshimoto, Sam Barnard, John Finucane, Ikbal Namani, Aimee Robinson, Stella Grob, Dave Morgan, Martyn Tambling, Tom Seaton, Jas Brett and Johnny Haynes.