Hangup 2 out now!

  • Hangup Issue 2 Out Now!

    Issue two of Hangup Zine is available now! This issue features;

    • An interview with Jack Kenward, one of the dudes behind the Outback DIY at Empire Skatepark,
    • An interview with artist Jack Hamilton,
    • Photo galleries from Sam Hutchinson and Tom Bailey, 
    • Aaron Wilmot and Saul Crumlish interviewing each other,
    • A gallery featuring Philippe da Rosa, Sherburt Dipdab, Joe Howard, Blinky, Andrew Dellas and Jordan Thackeray!

    Contributors are Monkeyglove Matt, Craig Dodds, Paul Graham, Paul Jackson, Jack Hamilton, Sam Hutchinson, Tom Bailey and Russ Hall.

    Alfie Carleton on the cover with a frontside pull in off a makeshift extension at Bridges skatepark, Belfast shot by Craig Dodds!

     Message me by email (hanguponline at gmail.com, or facebook/instagram = hanguponline) for payment details. £2.00 each + stickers! If any shops want any message me too, we'll sort something out!