Fraction Skateboard Magazine Issue 1

  • Fraction Skateboard Magazine Issue 1

    Fraction Skateboard Magazine Issue One is a hefty full-colour publication helmed by Danny Parker.

    This issue features interviews with Joe Robertson, Rob Jones and Eddie Belvedere, a large gallery section featuring Steven Reeves, Sam Bosworth and Josh Rounding to name a few, a Behind the Lens feature on some of Craig Dodds' photos, and finally a gallery of some of Danny's 35mm shots.

    Kicking off with a short intro-style interview with Cornish young gun Joe Robertson, Danny questions him on growing up in Cornwall, filming for Adam Salais' video and Truro Plaza. I think the real strength in this interview is the photos though, reminding me of someone like Magnus Bordewick, well-popped tricks and adidas shelltoes! 

    Next up is Rob Jones' interview with a selection of great photos from Danny and Craig Dodds, even channeling Ishod's No Comply Thrasher cover in one of them! The interview itself covers screenprinting, his involvement in the DIY scens of Newquay and Barcelona, up and coming Cornish skaters and more.

    Following this is the aforementioned Gallery section, with photos from Newquay, San Francisco, Seoul, Barcelona and more. Personal highlights for me are Joe Gummow's epic wallride and Sam Bosworth's massive Tailgrab!

    Next up is Craig Dodds' Behind the Lens section, where Craig takes some of his shots and reveals the stories behind them! Kind of an extended version of what he  does on his Instagram but in print! Featuring a proper good Backside Nosebluntslide from Connor Benson!

    The last interview in the mag goes to Eddie Belvedere, who talks about moving back up to Manchester after living in Cornwall, with the good and bad points that go with both places! Features plenty of rad photos from London, Falmouth and Barcelona!

    Finishing the mag off is a gallery of some of Danny's 35mm black and white shots. I don't think I'd seen much in the style from Danny before so this was definitely a nice surprise. Mainly non-skate shots but there is a banger of a frontside air at Wooden Waves by Josh Rounding!

    Pick one up from The Palomino.