Review: Essay Zine Issue 3

  • Review: Essay Zine Issue 3

    Essay Zine Issue 3 continues where Issue 2 left off, with an increasingly more professional look, legit adverts, a number of in-depth interviews as well as the now staple art-based content. With photographer Martijn van Velden getting more involved as well as plenty of contributors, there's more amazing skate photography than ever! I mean check the cover with Jimmy de Kok for a start! Would love to see footage of this...

    Starting the content off this time is a gallery with a decidedly heavier than usual UK presence! The first photo is a Frontside Wallride from Gnargore-er Tom Gillespie at Wednesfield Plaza, shot by Alex Ramsell, and a spread later is a double-page spread of South Coast legend Jak Tonge shot on a Drawing Boards trip to The Netherlands!

    Another highlight of the gallery is a great handrail Frontside Lipslide from standout Bombaklats member Remco Stolze, taken by Ziggy Schaap. Well composed and lit, even with the sun almost directly behind him, as well as background house / trouser colour coordination! 

    Following the gallery is a cool interview with local video crew Free Booze For Rollers detailing the bigger names in their crew, background for the name of the crew, differences between big budget videos and scene vids, stories behind filming and loads more. Accompanying this is a number of cool street photos of the crew, including this particularly Callum Paul-esque Wallride Nollei from Ake van Arkel! Editor Sander comes through with the unique backgrounds for select photos again in this one, none more striking than Ake's wallride as seen below!

    Following this is a quick interview with Cruisin' Skatestore's Jesse Timmerman, with both the interview and photos done by editor Sander Rodenhuis.

    Up next is a rad expired 35mm piece from Sander documenting a recent trip to Berlin. Particularly rad is the introduction to this piece, as well as the great design work!

    Possibly my favourite thing in the whole zine next, a written piece from boss slappier Wouter Molenaar, very well describing the feeling of getting down to the axle on a pair of trucks! Plus the illustration there reminds me of our logo!

    Next is a rad idea for an interview. Travelling American Alex Furrh contacted Sander looking for a place to stay in The Netherlands on his two month trip around Europe. This resulted in Sander showing him around Amsterdam, Zaandam and Rotterdam shooting a couple of portraits and skate photos along the way. What's really interesting is Sander's interview questions are in Dutch, while Alex's answers are in English. This forces you (well an English speaker anyway) to place more focus on Alex's answers, in order to be able to decipher what the question was! 

    UK photographer Joel Peck has a rad article on his Street Photography, thankfully calling out the Film/Digital debate, how different skate photography is to street photography, and how he dislikes the terms "art" and even "street photography" as he is discussing his street photos! 

    Lastly for the editorial content are a couple of spreads of various dudes' collages and photos. First up are Ben Gore's (not sure which one) Ghosts of Empire collages, about the history of civilisation(!), followed by a spread of shopping trolleys by Sander Rodenhuis, and lastly are Lewis Brock's Power Plants as seen below!

    Also, I'd just like to highlight this rad advert from Dufarge of Wouter slappying!

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