Gallery: Empire Mini Ramp Jam 2015

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  • Empire Miniramp Jam 2015, by Paul Jackson

    Empire Mini Ramp Jam

    6th November 2015


    The usual drill - A bunch of skaters, Harry Wilson with a megaphone and a box of prizes donated by Navitas Outdoors.

    Harry announced that “it was a free for all. No limit to the number of skaters in the ramp, just get it done!”

    And it went off.

    We were treated to an onslaught of lazy cool from local Jordan Thackeray’s satchel of stoke and some balls out skating from the ever gnarly Taylor Jones, and any moment Taylor wasn’t skating was spent shouting abuse at the top of his voice at anyone skating the mini!

    Jed Jolly and Max Melwani of Stowmarket pulled some radness out too.

    After about an hour, the comp was drawn to a close on the mini. The crowd of spectators soon went home and the 3 sided bar was fitted over the grass gap.

    Harry came back with the Navitas box and what hadn’t been given away on the mini was duly gifted to the gifted that stuck around and put the hours in.

    Harley Miller and Mark Radden made some gnar stuff stick and Toby Gozzett came away with a whole bunch of NBDs.

    It was a good turn out for a change from the banging Halloween fancy dress party that has become an Empire tradition in recent years.

    For more photos of the jam and photos from the bump to bar visit Paul's blog here


    Jed Jolly, Nosepick

    Jordan Thackeray, Frontside Nosegrind

    Justin Baker, Frontside 5050

    Mark Radden, Frontside Pivot Grab

    Max Melwani, Switch Frontside 5-0

    Max Melwani, Smith Stall

    Taylor Jones, Madonna

    Taylor Jones, Smith Stall