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  • Year's Best Parts Honourable Mention | Ryan Maddox's Chapped Series

    Ryan Maddox kept the stoke going throughout 2018 with his full-length Chapped: Here and Now video, before released a kerb part of his own a few months ago - check out both below.

  • 3. Clay Kreiner's Madness Part

    The first edit from Madness saw padless madman Clay Kreiner blasting out of increasingly preposterous pits, starting early with a serious combi transfer... A couple of no grab channel Kickflips / Heelflips, some proper follow filming from Chris Gregson (the line ending with a fakie flip!), a fakie Stalefish 720, and that's before even getting to the helmet + padless mega ramp section! 

  • 4. Tom Remillard's Vitamin C Part

    Since getting on the reinvigorated Santa Cruz, we’ve seen more footage of Tom than ever (as well as the rest of the Santa Cruz squad) thanks to their active Youtube account, as well as appearing in various Converse edits and other bits and pieces, including the excellent Court House part, also through Thrasher, last year. His Vitamin C part takes his particular style of heavy ATV skating to the logical extreme; skating random curb cuts followed by Burnside or pulling innovative lines at his local Washington Street, and even travelling to Poland to Ollie an incredible sculpture…

  • 5. Tristan Rennie's Raw Ams Part

    Tristan Rennie has been on our radar for a few years now, but has recently come up through the Vans Park Series as well as getting on the Blood Wizard team. As you'll be able to tell in this part, Tristan has grown up skating pools, pulling both traditional miniramp and vert tricks including tailslide shove its and the 540 ender. He seems to have made a conscious effort to step things up even further, skating every unique part of a pool he could find - ladders, rocks, sub-boxes and various ladders, nothing is safe!

  • 9. Jimmy Wilkins' Creature Pro Part

    During the last few years, Jimmy Wilkins has continually developed his incredibly niche (and also incredibly gnarly) trick set to the point where every new part of his contains multiple NBD's, whilst also continually being in a battle to one-up himself. This culminated suitably in his Creature Pro Part, getting down in some deep pits as well as his staple vert ramps. The sub box bench vert footage is particularly impressive in this, as well as his usual tricks such as the Ollie 540 + variations, Sugarcanes, incredible Frontside Ollies etc... Basically there's alot of highlights in this part!

  • Year's Best Parts 10. Greyson Fletcher in Element's Peace

    Here's the first part of our Year's Best Parts top ten countdown! Check back everyday until New Year's Day for the rest!

    Greyson Fletcher’s mid video section in Element’s Peace video succeeds in showing his mastery of constructing a skatepark line, thanks in part to probably the world’s best skatepark follow filmer in Chris Gregson. The two pay an amazing (if perhaps unintentional) homage to Lewis Marnell and Dustin Dollin’s shared part in Volcom’s Chicagof, by passing the camera over mid line before a heavy run from Greyson at Lincoln City. Watch out for the initial kickflip front blunt, following the excellently done sand dunes – skatepark humps intro, and the night time box kickflip…