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  • Year's Best Part Honourable Mention: Raney Beres in Garble Barf

    Here’s the first in our honourable mentions on the run up to our year’s best parts top ten countdown - Starts on the 22nd of December!

    We’ve long since held the theory that Raney Beres is the reincarnation of various Anti-Hero riders from different eras and even though his footage in the Implosionistic Tendencies: Garble Barf edit isn’t edited into a traditional part, it’s still great enough to be included in our year’s best part shortlist!

    Echoes of Andy Roy at his best along with his noseslides, Peter Hewitt’s pool chops and invert technique, John Cardiel’s handrail habit and he even puts one down on the bowl to rail made famous by AH affiliate Phil Shao!

  • 7. John Gardner's East Coast Autumn Part

    If you think some of those California pools look hard to skate, have a watch of John Gardner’s East Coast Autumn part! Just look at the lip around that first pool roll in (not sure if putting that tape down will have helped…). A couple of inverts, an insane Crailblock and plenty of slashes fill the part, alongside street spots that only he could make work – especially the ender. A bunch of heavy cameos top it off, including Fritz Mead, Tony Farmer and Chris Cope…