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  • 2. Ronnie Sandoval in Vans' Take it Back

    Ronnie's first part after returning from a horrific injury doesn't disappoint! Anyone who thought he might take it a little more easily for a while afterwards was wrong (myself included) - a question from Thrasher's accompanying interview highlights this fact somewhat...

    When the doctor said you could start skating again, what was it like stepping on your board? What was the first session like?
    I skated to Peck Park and the first thing I wanted to do was the trick that broke my knee. I had a knee brace, kind of a knee protection over my patella. Everyone was kinda tripping. I didn’t say hi to anybody; I just had my headphones on. I dropped in, did a couple grinds, did the backside air, left and went home. That was the first time I stepped on my board. That’s all I was thinking about: I gotta do this trick that took me out.

    My first thought upon re-watching the part to write this, after seeing Ronnie inside the currently disused Channel Street DIY, was how good a current Ronnie Sandoval part filmed exclusively there could be, hopefully it won't be too long before we can find that out with the news that the San Pedro DIY park will reopen soon!

    A lengthy first line at Lower Bobs sets the intent for the part - hitting walls backside before a quick crooked grind over the central hip before ending in a blasted boneless hangup. The line is incredibly well follow-filmed, which is a running theme throughout the part be it through diy parks, pools or skateparks. 

    Throughout the part, Ronnie hits up a variety of terrain including diy parks, vert ramps, various pools and even a couple of street spots, culminating in taking his signature crailslide to ridiculous levels at a well documented, but never crailslid, bank to rail spot.

    His last ten tricks in the part, the last ten in the whole video, need to be seen to be believed so I won't spoil them here, just go ahead and watch the part if you somehow haven't already and be amazed, again.

    All this after an incredible Pedro Barros part...

  • Vans Pro Skate Celebrates Iconic Pro Skater Anthony Van Engelen’s Influential Career

    Available Worldwide on August 22
    The wait is finally over. In honor of longtime Vans global team rider Anthony Van Engelen’s storied career and enduring impact on skateboarding culture, Vans presents a brand-new footwear and apparel collection designed and inspired by the skate icon himself. Available worldwide on August 22, Vans unveils the AVE Pro featuring Vans’ UltimateWaffle, Van Engelen’s first signature cupsole silhouette in over a decade.
    “With the AVE Pro—my first cupsole in 15 years—we achieved a completely transformed upper with Vans’ Rapidweld technology and improved the grip and boardfeel in the sole overall,” Van Engelen said. “This shoe for me was a natural progression toward making a durable, technical skate shoe. Not only does it deliver a lighter, longer lasting shoe for skating—but it’s an important step in innovation for Vans to pursue as the leader in skate shoes.”
    For AVE, “good enough” isn’t good enough, so he worked with the Vans design team every step of the way, through innovative research, design and wear testing to create a shoe worthy of his name. Featured in premium suede with mesh paneling, the all-new AVE Pro is enhanced with Duracap™ reinforced underlays in high abrasion areas and RapidWeld™ no-sew technology that utilizes heat-fused upper panels for an extremely strong bond that’s more durable, flexible, and lighter than conventional stitching.
  • Vans’ Take It Back | Rowley, Barros and Sandoval

    Geoff Rowley, Pedro Barros and Ronnie Sandoval going in for Vans around America and Europe!

  • Interim: Vans France

    Paul Labadie released his edit from the French Vans team welcoming new rider Hugo Westrelin to the team.

  • Vans’ Arms Wide Open

    Vans released Arms Wide Open, their first all-female video, featuring Helena Long, Amy Ram, Shani Bru, Lucy Adams, Una Farrar, Breana Geering and Fabiana Delfino. Filmed and edited by Sirus F Gahan.

  • Vans Shop Riot series is back for its 11th consecutive year.


    After a momentous 10th anniversary last year, Vans Shop Riot is back for its 11th consecutive year. Every year since 2008, the original concept by Vans has been promoting Europe’s finest street skaters and offering European skate shops and the wider skateboard community an authentic platform for recognition.

    Kicking off in Warsaw on July 6, Vans Shop Riot will make its way across Europe, stopping in many countries including England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Portugal. 

    Vans Shop Riot is a strict street contest, each European stop sees the country’s top shops battle it out in one of their best skateparks. The winning team qualifies for an all-expenses paid trip to the European Shop Riot Finals.

    For the first time in the history of the of the competition, Vans are opening up the chance to qualify for the finals to European countries that they are unable to visit on the European qualification tour, by hosting an online Best Street video edit competition, further extending Vans’ commitment to core skate stores.

    For the past couple of years Vans have partnered with a respected artist with deep skate ties on the creative execution, this year Vans have teamed up with Swedish artist, Jacob Ovgren. One of the artists behind Polar Skate Co.’ iconic graphics, Jacob’s unique cartoon artwork is instantly recognizable within the skate world and an amazing fit for the Vans Shop Riot concept.

    Every year the Vans Shop Riot Finals are held in a different country. The 2019 finals are taking place at Amsterdam’s Noord Skatepark on October 25 and 26. 

  • Vans' Arms Wide Open Premiere 

    House of Vans London is delighted to host the European premiere of Arms Wide Open, the first all-female skate film from Vans featuring Helena LongAmy Ram, Shani Bru, Lucy Adams, Una Farrar, Breana Geering and Fabiana Delfino. The film documents their trip around Indonesia as they skate the country’s most exotic spots. 

    Bali is renowned for being a surfer’s Heaven, however more recently a burgeoning skate scene has developed, along with a plethora of bowls and natural spots, making it a must visit destination for skaters globally.

    The film was filmed and edited by Sirus Grahan. Sirus’ unique style perfectly captures the Vans crew’s adventure, hitting Bali and Jakarta’s skateboarding spots, as well as making the most of Bali’s lifestyle. 

    In addition, an accompanying photo exhibition from the film will fill the House of Vans gallery space in Tunnel 1 featuring photography by Sara Parson Texas and Norma Ibarra who followed the girls on their journey through Indonesia.

    The evening festivities continue with a girls only Skate Session, before the night closes out to DJs and karaoke.

    This extremely special event at House of Vans will be free to the public, with no booking required.

  • 20 Years of Death Skateboards and Into the Void Premiere at House of Vans

    House of Vans London Presents
    20 Years of Death Skateboards and Into the Void Premiere
    Saturday 8th December 2018 / 18:00 – 01:00
    House of Vans are delighted to announce that bastion of UK skateboarding, Death Skateboards are celebrating their 20-year anniversary under their arches.
    The physical manifestation of the culture and creativity at the heart of the Vans brand, House of Vans fosters a rich heritage strongly committed to art, street culture, music and action sports.
    Surviving two decades in skateboarding is no mean feat, like Vans, Death have done so by staying true to their roots. Established in 1998 by Nick Orecchio out of his bedroom in Harrow, Death provide a refreshing alternative to mainstream skateboarding.
    In ode to Death’s infamous House of Doom, House of Vans have built a brand-new mini ramp in their tunnel three which will play host to a cash for tricks jam, accompanied by live bands playing in front on the main stage. House of Vans’ gallery space will contain a 20 years of Death exhibition and Death OG, Dan Cates will have his own space dedicated to his sideways take on  skateboarding, “The Mind of Cates”. The street section is being turned into a pop-up cinema which will premiere Death’s fourth and latest full-length video “Into the Void”.
    This extremely special event at House of Vans will be free to the public, with no booking required (entry to the venue is subject to capacity and Sign Ups for the mini ramp jam will be on a first come first served basis).
    Doors: 18:00
    Mini Ramp Jam: 20:00
    Premiere of “Into the Void”: 21:00
  • Vans Park Series Malmo Results + Winning Runs

    Reigning VPS World Champion Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
    and Jordyn Barratt Claim Victory in Malmö, Sweden
    - 2018 VPS Global Challenger Men and Women Rankings Established; Coveted Invites Secured
    - Tristan Rennie and Sakura Yosozumi Rank #1 in 2018 VPS Global Challenger Rankings
    - 2018 VPS Europa Continental Champions Simon Karlsson and Amelia Brodka Advance to 2018 VPS World Championships in China
    Malmö, SWEDEN (September 8, 2018)  The finale of the 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour in Malmö, Sweden capped off with a dramatic ending, coming down to the final run of the day to declare Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg (SWE) as the Men’s event winner. Rising up from last place to first, Hallberg’s spontaneous creativity shocked the field, as he landed a series of difficult tricks, including a mind-blowing kickflip over the center piece to stake his claim in front of his hometown. Hallberg achieves his first-ever Pro Tour event victory at Kroksbäck Skatepark, representing his home turf with pride and joy.
    Humble as ever, Hallberg remarks on his final winning run, “I got lucky. I’m just so happy. This is insane. Everyone I know is watching, and somehow, I made it. I’m so thankful everyone had my back. This is incredible. Thank you.”

    In 2nd place, tour challenger Clay Kreiner (USA) brought the heat for his first VPS podium appearance, launching huge 540s in every run, and clinching on to the highest score of the day until Hallberg swooped in at the 11th hour. Kreiner’s 2nd place finish secures his invite to the VPS World Championships. Pedro Barros (BRA) skated with power and precision to earn 3rd place.

    VPS Select Pro and seasoned veteran of the tour, Jordyn Barratt (USA) also celebrates her first-ever Pro Tour event victory, attacking the Kroksbäck Skatepark with speed and power. Today’s win is especially significant for the Hawaiian native, as she’s overcome several injuries this year to finally earn 1st place on the VPS podium today.
    “This is so rewarding. I’ve wanted to win the Vans Park Series ever since it started,” winner Jordyn Barratt said. “After this, I’m even more motivated and really looking forward to China. The stakes are high and I want to keep doing better and better.”

    Kisa Nakamura (JPN) maintains her podium streak, finding her flow early on, mixing technical lines throughout the course to finish in 2ndplace. And sneaking her way into 3rd place to bump Sakura Yosozumi (JPN) out of the running, former world champ Brighton Zeuner (USA)re-emerged after a rough start, landing a complete final run with a variety of tricks.
    The 2018 Vans Park Series World Championships will take place on October 27 in China, hosting the series elite Select Pros, VPS Continental Champions and top-ranking tour challengers at the final stop of the season to crown the new 2018 park terrain skateboarding world champions.Visit for event details, tour highlights, confirmed riders and more.
    2018 VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Sweden Finals
    1. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg (SWE)
    2. Clay Kreiner (USA)
    3. Pedro Barros (BRA)
    2018 Women’s Pro Tour, Sweden Finals
    1. Jordyn Barratt (USA)
    2. Kisa Nakamura (JPN)
    3. Brighton Zeuner (USA)
    1. Simon Karlsson (SWE)
    2. Herman Moller (SWE) 
    3. Sam Beckett (GBR)
    1. Amelia Brodka (POL)
    2. Lilly Stoephasius (GER)
    3. Shani Bru (FRA)
    In its third consecutive year featured on the Vans Park Series Pro tour, the custom VPS-certified Kroksbäck Skatepark’s exemplary design continues to inspire the top-ranking pros and challengers to be fast and creative, with judges focusing on speed, flow and amplitude throughout the course. With a plethora of hips, grinds, walls, a huge center island, and a monster bank, Vans Park Series salutes yet another incredible show of park terrain skating for fans across the globe. Watch the VPS Malmö replay at
  • Kroksbäck Kids - Vans This is Off the Wall

    The latest in Vans’ This is Off the Wall series sees various members of the Vans Europe crew meet up with some of the locals of the Kroksbäck park, the permanent skatepark Vans built in Malmo for the 2016 Vans Park Series final.

  • Atita Verghese and Lizzie Armanto: Power of Girls Skateboarding in India from Vans

    Lizzie Armanto visits Girl Skate India founder Atita Verghese in this rad little edit from Vans. 

  • Vans in the Park | Transworld

    Hefty sesh from the Vans crew at the newly renovated Transworld park! With Chris Russell, Josh Borden, Roman Pabich, Cedric Pabich, Kyle Walker, Tyson Peterson, Elijah Berle and Andrew Allen.

  • Van Propeller Latin America Tour - Sao Paulo, Brazil

    The last demo on the Propeller Latin America Tour took place in Sao Paulo, here's Kyle Walker, Chima Ferguson, Curren Caples, Elijah Berle, and Rowan Zorilla, Chris Russell and Marlon Silva ripping. Keep an eye out for Chris Russell on the whippy quarter and Elijah Berle's rail ender!


  • Van Propeller Latin America Tour - Mar Del Plata, Argentina

    Another demo from the Propeller Latin America Tour, featuring Curren Caples, Chima Ferguson, Kyle Walker, Elijah Berle, Rowan Zorilla and Chris Russell! Elijah Berle in particular has a rad bowl line!


  • Excursion: Episode 4 - Chris Oliver - Sidewalk

    Sidewalk have released the latest episode in their Excursion series, this time focusing on Chris Oliver. Watch if only for that bowl line starting at 2:42, with a Backside Tailslide reminicent of the one he does from his Welcome to Superdead part.