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  • Skate Nottingham's Unlock the Pit Jam

    Another incredible essay from Chris Lawton for Skate Nottingham 👇

    Chris recaps the recent Unlock the Pit jam, housed in a Southbank-esque disused space in the centre of Nottingham, whilst relating this to the myriad of wider work that Skate Nottingham are engaged with, including the imminent #skateboardinginthecity

    Here's the one and only #tommymay 📷 Simon Bernacki

    Photos from Simon Bernacki, Jarrad Thomas and Joe Walchester featuring Tommy May, Adam Gaucher, Kevin Harris, Bambi and Craig Smedley. Refs. include Quartersnacks, Long Live Southbank, Nottingham's Festival of Science and Curiosity, Forty Two Skateshop, Skate Southampton, Ramp Supply Co and Skate Malmo.