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  • 1. Erick Winkowski in Santa Cruz's 'Til the End Vol. 3

    Almost forgot about this one! Erick’s deserved closer part in Santa Cruz’s ‘Til the End Vol. 3.

    The part is split into two pretty distinct sections, street and tranny. The street part contains plenty of Erick’s staples; fakie ollies, switch fs shuvs and increasingly precarious handrails, interspersed with properly technical tricks including kickflip backside tailslides and nollie flips - performed with his own unique style and setup choices of course. The transition section opens with the highlight of the part, an extended Invert section featuring some pretty incredible examples as we’ve come to expect from Winkowski - Invert Back smith stall to fakie, frontside invert to fakie to name a few… Still can’t believe he took the ender to fakie either…